Meadowlands Casino Proposal to Make Millions

Meadowlands Casino Proposal to Make Millions

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May 27, 2015

Developers of the new Meadowlands casino that is supposed to be going up are stating that the casino has the potential and outlook to generate $400 million in cash. This is a big jump in some of the other forecasts that were made previously. This is one of the biggest, and best things that can come from the developers of the casino that are hoping that the casino generates more revenue for the state. Not only are the residents in the area happy about the prospects of more city and state revenue, but for the extra jobs that this casino is going to bring with it.

The Details

With so much happening in the world, and casinos being put up around each of the states, many people are worried about the over saturation problem with the other states in the country. This apparently has been thoroughly thought through by the developers, and they are calling for no changes in the revenue, and quite a big peak that will happen for the casino when it is fully opened to the public. This can help to rebuild Atlantic City and make them whole again when it comes to losing so many of the casinos that were once on the strip.

While Meadowlands is going to be more than just a casino for you to throw your cash down on, it is still going to offer the glitz and glam that you would normally find within a casino located on the strip in Atlantic City. Through the use of this casino, so many people are wondering if they can have their jobs back from the casinos that went out of business. They are hoping that their experience within the walls of those casinos will help them get the jobs at the new one, since it is hoping to fill over 1,000 different jobs for the entire resort, casino and race track that is being put up.

Now it is time to check out all that is out there, and to make sure that you stop by one of the biggest casinos that is going to be located right on the strip. What do you have to lose?



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