Massachusetts State Lottery in Limbo

Massachusetts State Lottery in Limbo

Staff Writer
October 20, 2014

So many people and even state officials are afraid of what may happen when casinos are put in throughout the state. Not only do they feel that their lottery may be in jeopardy but that it might fizzle and die within months after the opening of the casinos. However, so many other states are saying that this is not true, along with additional experts throughout the field.

Mass state officials are increasingly worried about their state’s lottery. Not only is this a big part of where the state is able to get their cash, but it is also something that has been used for quite some time and they do not want something as large as this, that pulls the communities within the state together to come fizzling to an end. This would be a bad thing for the state and for the lottery. So as worries increase throughout the state officials, no plans have been changed or halted due to this. They will continue to open up the casinos and let them go.

They are waiting to see what the future holds when it comes to bringing the casino into the state and then finding out what the lottery does. Of course, officials have provided the numbers stating that the lottery for the state is going to fall down 20% which is a large shift compared to all that they get.

The officials do not want this big of a shift to happen, so they are hoping to revamp the lottery system and make it more promising to those that play. They do not want to put too much money into it, but they want to ensure that all of the residents know that it is there and they can play into that, on top of going to the casinos if they wish. This is always a big thing to consider for the state.

We will be able to tell whether or not these figures fall within the upcoming months, and we will continue to update you regarding the information that we have right here at Casinos Online, so make sure to check back often.



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