Macau Casino Revenue Plummeting Even More

Macau Casino Revenue Plummeting Even More

Staff Writer
December 2, 2014

Macau Casino used to be one of the biggest, most known casinos throughout Atlantic City. However, lately they have been having as much trouble as some of the other casinos throughout the strip. These casinos have recently been closed due to the lack of revenue that they have been getting. This is something that stands out, and something that could mean serious trouble for the casino – and other casinos throughout the area.

What is the Cause of the Drop?

Not many people frequent the area anymore for a vacation destination due to the fact that they do not have the cash to put down on the tables, and the fact that they have casinos right next to them now. With the new laws being put in place, so many states are getting their own casinos. This causes the Atlantic City casinos to have to go through hard times.

These new casinos are putting the other ones out of place. This is a bad thing since they are trying to make cash off of their businesses, but not able too because of the new casinos, as well as the state of the cash that is coming in and out of the economy. It is not stimulating anything, leaving more people out of money than ever before. This might be a time to consider whether or not the economy should welcome new casinos.

The drop in casino revenue is a bad thing and we are always checking back to find out more regarding whether or not the casino is going to be able to stay put throughout the city. They are hanging on by a string and want to make sure to provide for their regulars but without more income, they will not be able to make it for much longer. This is not a good thing to consider.

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