🎲 Live Craps 🎲 Is Available in All Evolution Casinos

🎲 Live Craps 🎲 Is Available in All Evolution Casinos

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October 29, 2020

live craps evolution release date

It’s time for a revolution, our friends! Evolution has set Live Craps in motion!

The CasinosOnline.com team has been on their toes for months now. Watching, anticipating, we couldn’t wait for Live Craps to land.

But lo and behold – Live Craps is out now!

We are beside ourselves. Read more about the game below.

Dice Go Live

This is the first time in online gaming that a developer is launching a live craps game. And let’s not pretend we’re surprised that it’s trailblazer Evolution.

Formerly known as Evolution Gaming, the company has always been about beating the competition. This time round, it’s done it again.

Live Craps from Evolution is the pioneer of live dealer craps games. And what a frontiersman it is! Live Craps is an exclusive live casino game which the provider furnished with luxurious ornaments and features.

From the look of it, the game is stunning and oozes a relaxing atmosphere. The entire action takes place in a mancave-like casino studio.

There is a dealer who hosts the show but he or she will not be the one rolling the dice. Instead, Evolution integrated e mechanical arm, currently famous as Mr Lucky. That way, the host doesn’t take the blame if the players are not happy with the outcome.

If you have better suggestions for the feature’s name, let us know in the comments below!

Evolution Hits a New High

With Live Craps, Evolution is cementing its reputation as the all-time live casino champion. Players and operators alike continue to be in awe of this company’s innovation and success.

Interestingly, the new live dice game comes in the RNG form, too. Under the title First Person Craps, the new random game runs on RNG software, guaranteeing 100% fair outcomes. At any point, players can hit the GO LIVE button to start playing Live Craps from there.

You can read our Live Craps game review here.

And a more detailed report on the game, alongside strategies and super tips are on this page.



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