Las Vegas Casino Was Robbed, Suspect is Being Looked For

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Suspect is being searched for in connection to a casino robbery.

The Las Vegas police are now on a man hunt to find a man that is believed to have robbed a Las Vegas casino and got away with a large sum of money. He was armed and dangerous when he came into the casino and everyone there was able to make it out safely, as well as him with the money that he originally came in to get.

Palace Station was the casino that was robbed, and they are unsure of how the man was able to get through the many protected areas without being noticed or being able to sound the alarm when he came in with a pistol meant to rob the area and scare not only the visitors of the casino, but those that are also working behind scenes in the casino. He demanded the cash around one in the morning, and then fled in a small black car with an amount of cash that was not disclosed.

He was wearing a dark black cap, he is around 5’7” and was carrying a large black duffel bag. He was wearing a black coat and black shorts and is said to be around 200 pounds. He has not been spotted since the robbery, even when the police officials arrived some time after the incident as soon as they were notified. They are hoping to find the person that came into the casino, demanded the cash and then fled.

For now, the police in the Las Vegas and surrounding cities are asking for help in finding the suspect that is said to have robbed the casino. If anyone has any information, they are asked that they contact the police right away. This is to ensure that he does not continue to rob the casinos, and that he is able to be apprehended for the crime that he committed. Casinos should be safe for all to visit, and in order to do that, we have to work together to find those that commit the crimes.

We will continue to update you regarding any information that we find in the process, and whether or not the suspect has been captured.