Italian Government Wants to Ban Gambling Advertising

Italian Government Wants to Ban Gambling Advertising

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June 20, 2018
Bad news for gaming operators in Italy
Italy could ban all gambling advertisements.

The latest news coming from Italy reveals the new government coalition is set to seriously limit or even completely ban gambling advertising.

If the country leaders truly ban all forms of gambling advertising, it will certainly have a large impact on the business in this industry.

The statistics for the past several years show the gambling industry in Italy has recorded a significant boost in both popularity and revenue.

A Strict Move

Luigi di Maio, the new Italian Deputy Prime Minister, emphasized this was connected to high levels of exposure gambling in media, mainly via advertising.

He added that, although it was good for the industry, this growth needed to be curbed and much stricter limitations had to be applied, especially when it comes to advertising. His opinion is the main point of the decree proposed a couple of days ago, which suggests a full ban on gambling advertising.

The new legislation would prohibit “any form, direct or indirect, of advertising propaganda, of commercial communication, sponsorship or promotion of brands or products of games with cash prizes, offered in collection networks, both physical and online”.

Di Maio noted this ban would be counterproductive in Italy since it would probably cause a rise in illegal gambling operators.

Is Ban a Necessary Step?

Nevertheless, this measure is a necessary step, since he feels gambling has to become less popular and the number of problem gamblers has to decrease.

There were other legal measures taken in the last couple of months in Italy in order to fight problem gambling. One such provision limits the working hours of land-based casinos to only eight hours a day.

Italy has already introduced anti-money laundering laws, which require casinos to acquire more info about their players to help prevent tax evasion, money laundering, and other criminal activities.

The new government has stated a couple of times that gambling industry needs to be strictly limited by the law, and it seems the ban on advertising is just the beginning. On the other hand, the government stressed its plan was not to ban gambling altogether.

It is certain these measures will have a large impact on the business. Both online casinos and land-based casinos will have a tough time in the coming period.



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