Intuitive Mum Helps Lotto Player to $1m Win

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

new zealandA women from Fielding will have mother to thank for becoming New Zealand’s latest millionaire.

Saturday’s live Lotto draw worth $1 million was picked by a woman, who wished to remain anonymous, after she was alerted to her new-found riches by an intuitive mother.

New Zealand media report that the lucky first division winner was oblivious to the massive windfall until her parents visited on Sunday afternoon.

A mom’s feeling earned this lucky lady a massive, life-changing scoop.

Mum just had a feeling that someone in our family might have won the $1 million, so she stopped by with Dad on Sunday to see whether we had checked our tickets,” the ecstatic winner said.

“I didn’t have a clue that someone had won, so I went and grabbed my tickets so we could check them together. Somehow Dad remembered what all the winning numbers were and just listed them off – and that’s when I saw them all lining up on the top line of my ticket.”

Having checked the winning ticket through the Lotto NZ ticket-checker App, the lucky winner was overjoyed to hear the winning music and the sign ‘major prize winner’ appearing on the screen.

The winning ticket was sold at Fielding Video Centre making a lucky woman the 30th Kiwi to become a Lotto millionaire this year.

Having stored her winnings safely in her bank account, the lucky winner is letting her good fortune sink in before making a definite decision on what to do with the $1 million pot.

“My partner and I keep throwing ideas around, but we haven’t decided on anything just yet. All we know is that it’s taken the pressure off a bit, which is the most amazing feeling,” the winner concluded.

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