Internet Cafes Close, Gambling Spikes

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Internet cafes are now getting taken down due to the high volume of gaming.

As Internet cafes close throughout California, many people that once would use them for their Internet gaming have found other ways around playing those games. Internet cafes are one of the easiest ways for people to sign in and play all day long if they want.

There are many sites that are offering ways around getting into these sites, the FBI is even involved stating that it is illegal for anyone that lives in one of these states to use these services for gambling. This is something that they are hoping to crack down on and make a difference when it comes to illegal online gambling that seems to have been raised throughout the state – even with the closure of Internet cafes throughout the area.

Not Legal at All

There are many hazy laws when it comes to gambling that many people that play online do not feel like they are actually breaking the laws because of how iffy they all seem to be. Many of them are chance, some of them are skill based games and it just seems to be something that is not very illegal to go on and play with. Especially if you’re not the one that is getting the money from the account.

The Internet cafes were far worse than just used for online gambling. A lot of them would go as far as drug selling and prostitution. They were not a safe haven to find yourself when it came to using the equipment and being able to do what you wanted. The problem was, that you could – they were hardly monitored which means that anyone is able to do anything that they want.

Even with these Internet cafes gone though, there still seems to be a growing problem with the online gambling world and those offering to help with the money. This is not how it should be and for now, the police are cracking down on those that they do find on the websites. So if you’ve been using them and you’re not supposed too – time to change courses.

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