House of Lords Question UKGC

House of Lords Question UKGC

Staff Writer
March 18, 2020

The British House of Lords has appointed a committee to question members of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). The hearing ensued and it was on mainly about how the regulatory body is run, among other things.

The Issue

The special committee’s investigation is expected to last for a year, or at least until they gain enough of reliable facts.

Many MPs have criticized the regulatory body’s direct relationship with gambling executives. Their main worry here is about the potential conflict of interest and they want this to be looked into.

Another concern is how the agency is keeping up on technology trends, consumer habits, and the industry’s changing products and services.

The Defense

Lord Garde of Yarmuth questioned Neil McArthur, the chief executive of the UKGC, and Dr. Bill Moyes, the agency’s chairman. The main enquiry was about how the gambling industry is run and monitored in the UK.

Under discussion was also the 2005 Gambling Act and whether still holds since the UK’s gambling has grown.

For Dr. Moyes, the Gambling Act may be outdated and has some deficiencies, however, “the legislation still meets its core objectives.” It will remain broadly relevant in making sure that gambling is safe and fair, and that vulnerable people are protected. They will try to prevent the crime from “getting a hold on gambling.”

Meanwhile, McArthur said that he and his team the need to “balance the consumer choice of an industry in which 24 million people gamble in the U.K.” This isn’t easy thing to do. According to the latest statistics, gambling harm is a problem for 340,000, with 5 million marked as vulnerable.

He also addressed general criticism, emphasizing that they recognized it with the UKGC establishing its National Strategy.

“The strategy has been a much tougher approach to compliance and enforcement,” McArthur stated. This was deliberate at changing the behavior of operators since we had seen too many instances of failures being repeated.”



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