Florida Has Many Hot Debates Currently Going On

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Florida still deliberating what to do about some hot topics.

Within the walls of the committee room, many officials are deliberating on many different issues for the upcoming year. Not only are some of them also being debated in other states but many of the issues have also been legalized in many of the other states. With this being said, so many officials are either for or against the proposed plans. None of them have wavering thoughts, either. The outcome depends on how many are for or against the plans and the official ruling at the end.

The Issues 

Some of the issues are being raised on marijuana, which is a major thing with many of the other states. Should they legalize it? Should they continue to keep it illegal? The choice that they make depends on how everyone views this, in their own personal way. In addition to this side topic, the topic of guns is always coming around. This is a hot topic that so many people are considering when the time comes. State after state is deciding what they should do regarding the gun laws and whether or not they should open, or strictly regulated them all together.

The one topic that continues to be on the minds of many states though, is gambling. So many states are considering this for additional revenue, as well as a good place for people to gather and have a good time. With many investors looking into some of the older buildings throughout the area, this allows them to fix up the land that is not being used or have taxes collected on while also gaining a percentage of the revenue that will be going into the casinos, as well.

While this seems lucrative to the state, not all officials feel that this is going to solve their monetary problems. Many of them are thinking about the additional things that might come with them including the crime and the violence that can come with putting any casino in the area. As the officials deliberate, the people are stating how they feel about all of the issues, especially gambling and want to open the lines to freedom.