Fight Already Broke Out Inside Horseshoe Casino

Fight Already Broke Out Inside Horseshoe Casino

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September 2, 2014
There was a fight that broke out in the ever popular Horseshoe casino.
There was a fight that broke out in the ever popular Horseshoe casino.

Inside Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino, a fight broke out over the weekend. The first weekend that the casino has been open. A video of the incident was looked into for the weekend. The guards in it are wearing yellow and are the ones rushing to break up the fight that eruppted. It wasn’t even over a poker table – it was while waiting in line at the pizza restaurant – Pie-Zetta at the casino.

The fight happened around 3 on the morning of Saturday. Even though the casino just opened their doors not too long ago, the visitors didn’t waste any time getting down to business. Someone heard something someone else said and took it the wrong way. This led to the fight that happened. A woman even used mace to try to stop the two from fighting. It took about 20 different security guards from around the casino to finally get them to stop and settle down.

The Video 

A video was recorded of the incident and then put on the Internet. This is where it was seen by a large audience. The casino made a statement saying that they knew about the altercation, but their staff was able to diffuse it quickly and without having to worry about an additional fight.

The video was then purchased by a newspaper for an undisclosed price and put on their website. This information was given out because of those that were there when they saw the fight happen. The casino does not think it was a danger to the society around them and state that they do not tolerate fighting of any kind within their establishment. They want to let every player and visitor know that fighting is not tolerated when it comes to being inside the casino walls.

As for now, we are waiting to see if there are going to be any more fights in this new casino or if this is the last of them. A new casino means new happenings. You’re able to catch them as they happen right here on Casinos Online.



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