East Greenbush is Playing a New Hand when it Comes to Casino Vote

East Greenbush is Playing a New Hand when it Comes to Casino Vote

January 27, 2016
Staff Writer

The new Town Board turns its attention to paying for sewer plant

Even while the state Gaming Commission locating board voted NO to the proposed Thompson Hill Road Casino over a year ago, the members of the new town board want to make it very clear that all bets are off.

During a recent meeting, members of the East Greenbush Town Board unanimously voted to rescind the 18 month old resolution that ultimately endorsed a gaming operation in town.  Just last month, the state awarded the Capital Region’s gaming license to the Rivers Resort and Casino located in Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady.

Despite Keith Langley the former Republican Supervisor and his administration’s resolution as well as support for the casino, the movement that opposed such a gaming facility gained load momentum. The group that called itself Save East Greenbush dotted the landscaping with signs as well as protester that made their presence heard at the Gaming Commission hearings in December. The first candidates who met through the Save East Greenbush campaign used concerns from other towns as part of their own platform, which included low bond ratings, disorganized financial records as well as the lack of transparency. As the controversy was going on, Langley as well as other town board members saw that casino as a much needed revenue generator that was estimated to bring in 5.7 million dollars a year.

Even despite the fact that the state awarded the casino license to Schenectady this past December; Conway states that the Rivers Casino operators do not have the documentation needed in hand at this time.  The new administration wants it to be very clear that everybody acknowledges that a casino will not be welcomed in the suburban Rensselaer County town.



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