Draftpot is Introducing No-Rake H2H Contest

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Playing with a Greater chance to Cash in.
If you are a big fan of DFS and have been playing for a long period of time, you understand that in order to sustain a long term success you will need to stabilize your bankroll.  In order to do this you also understand that you will need to play head to head contest.  Many people have been brought in to these games with the enticement of commercials that show million dollar winners, but in order for them to supplement those inevitable losses in a big money tournament they will need to be able to allocate a substantial amount of their money to head to head games, where they will have a much greater chance of cashing in.
The most frustrating part of a head to head game is that when you do win the game you do not actually double up your entry fee.  For example, when you play a $100.00 head to head game you only actually profit $90.00.  The reason behind this is what is known as a rake throughout the DFS industry.  The rake is considered to be the portion of each players entry fee that DFS sites will keep as their revenue.  If you are playing on DraftKings or even FanDuel the rake for head to head games is 10 percent.  This percentage veries from site to site, but the average rake mong the mainstream DFS sites right now is 9.64 percent.  So think about this if you were to play $1,000.00 worth of head to head games on DraftKings and actually win 50 percent of the games played, you would still lose $100.00.
Draftpot is now again shaking things up a bit, they are introducing a no-rake head to head games for all sports for entry fees that range from $1.00 to $1,000.00.