Daring New Jersey Casino Heist – 8 Arrested

Daring New Jersey Casino Heist – 8 Arrested

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August 18, 2014
Daring heist was pulled off by a previous security guard for the casino.

A security guard within the casino was the eyes of the operation when it came to finding out where and when money was being handed over throughout the casino. This heist would cash in over $180,000 if it was pulled off correctly. Eight people were arrested for being a part of this robbery that happened at Caesars in Atlantic City.

Two of the robbers held guns at the casino employees and then proceeded to grab two boxes that at the time, were being exchanged. The cash inside was over $180,000 worth. The exchange of money was a routine exchange that happens daily. The couple ran to the car outside, with a driver and a passenger waited for them. One of the robbers that held the employees up at gun point was previously a security officer for the casino, but had been fired a few weeks earlier.

The Suspects

The suspects knew what they were doing. They knew what time the boxes changed hands, which doors are not readily used and they knew exactly where and what the money would be in. All of the inside information that only the main mastermind, the previous security officer would know. The entire robbery took only four minutes to complete.

Since one of the security guards knew one of the people in the vehicle, the rest were able to be identified later on. The two suspects that were in the casino had masks on during the time of the robbery. The authorities recovered around $150,000 of the cash that had been stolen, along with some of the merchandise that was purchased with it – shoes, jewelry, clothing and marijuana that was worth more than $50,000. Each suspect had a certain amount that was provided to them for the deed they played in the heist. Each had already spent some of the money on products, which were also recovered during the arrests.

Each of the suspects are now being held and awaiting their trial. There is a lot of evidence supporting the fact that these suspects were all there or knowledgeable about the heist and as of now, it is unclear whether or not they have hired lawyers for themselves. This makes many people continue to wonder whether urban casinos bring crime with them?



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