Churches That Were Once Against the Casinos, Now Embracing the Workers

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Employees in Atlantic City are now wondering what they are going to do now that the casinos are closed.

With the closing of the Atlantic City casinos in the area, many churches that opposed them on a daily basis are not seeing more and more employees pile into their rooms. They are there to pray, to be hopeful and to get a little help when the time comes and they lose their jobs. They are wondering how they are going to be able to meet the demands of their bills, where they are going to go from there and what God has in store for them next.

The churches state that once, they were opposed to the casinos in the area. They are against gambling, as it is viewed as a sin. It is something that a lot of people should very well, stay away from. When it comes to those that worked in the casinos however, they felt like this was their career, this was a great way to pay their bills since the pay was not bad and the conditions were good to work in. However, when they were fired due to the closing of the casinos, many wondered what do they do now?

Their Plans 

With no back up plans in sight, many common church goers have flocked to the churches for answers. The churches are not doing them favors by helping with counseling to those affected by this closure, increased food pantry hours so that everyone affected has enough time to get the food that they need during this tough time and people that are willing to pray with and for them.

Those affected by the closure are grateful for all that the churches are doing for them and couldn’t be happier about having someone that they can trust during this time. A lot of the church members feel that this is a bad change for the neighborhood since a lot of the people are not going to be able to find jobs – around 6,500 to be exact. This is a large number that have to now find new jobs somewhere else throughout the town.

As for now, there is nothing that can be done regarding the closing of the casino but the past employees remain hopeful that something good will come of it.