Chukchansi Casino to be Reopened

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Chukchansi is back to reopening soon

A judge ruled earlier this week that the Chukchansi casino can be reopened after the long ordeal that they ended up going through. This case is one that definitely did not get too little attention as they sorted through the legal matters that were presented on the casino. After going through everything, and determining whether or not the casino had everything that they should in place, and figuring out the legal action that was to be taken; they decided that the casino is now ready to reopen their doors to the patrons that have been patiently waiting for the outcome.


The Opening of Chukchansi

Even though there was a dispute and fight between two tribes, which brought one of them to go in and rob the casino; there doesn’t seem to be a threat to any of the patrons that frequent the casino. In addition, the casino has had their papers together and has never had a problem before which makes the judge okay with opening the doors once again for them.



He is hoping that this is going to be an early present for the holidays for the patrons that visit, but for those tribe members and community members that were without jobs because of the closing of the casino. This is something that he hopes will be given back to those that need jobs so that they can provide for their families once again, as well as getting more money back into the economy to stimulate it.



It has definitely been a long road for the casino, but it is one that they couldn’t be happier about because of the verdict that the judge came too. They didn’t think they were ever going to open with the going back and forth between the courts, the other tribe and being able to sort through everything that was required of them to ensure that everything can run smoothly. They cannot be more happy with being able to open up the casino that is going to run again, and provide income for so many in the community.