Casino Training Classes: The New Degree No One Talks About

Casino Training Classes: The New Degree No One Talks About

Staff Writer
September 8, 2015

With the economy still breathing life back into itself after years of slugging along people have been forced to take unusual steps to maintaining an income that can manage the bills and family. We have seen a significant growth in independent businesses, enrollments in nursing programs and lately a large trend in gambling services. Gambling services like dealers and casino managers have become a job people are looking to fill. Through the slow economy one industry that has continued to do well is the gaming industry despite the lack of money being spread around people are still willing to take a gamble with their money to win  more. It is the American way and some universities and community colleges have taken a close look at the trend and the result has been creating classes that train people how to become dealers and learn other gaming services.

North Hampton Community College is one of those schools providing a 10 week training course that also helps to provide job placement to local casinos like the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem. The course routinely holds about 1500 people and has helped generate a boom in the industry. The more casinos pop due to the need of economic growth in many major cities the need for trained professionals in the field has grown vastly. Once a training that was regulated to specific gaming schools has now become readily available at local community colleges.

The demand has reached a point where people who are retired and looking to do something they enjoy later in their lives take a strong interest in the classes. The North Hampton Community College shows an 85% job placement rating which also indicates the need for well-trained gaming associates throughout the country. The meat of the country is finally starting to realize the tremendous impact a casino can have on the economy and as we move further into the future I am pretty sure there will be an even larger demand for both casinos and casino trained professionals.



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