Casino Owners Getting a Divorce and Setting Flames

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Elaine Wynn is not backing down for her say in the empire she helped to build.

When it comes to divorce, it can be a messy ordeal. However, when it comes to sharing the responsibilities of a casino; it means so much more. Elaine Wynn is fighting for her seat on the board of directors for the casino that she co-founded with her husband close to 13 years ago. While the two are divorcing, she doesn’t want to miss out on her half of the empire that she helped build. While this is understandable, from any angle, it is one that she is going to have to fight to hold onto.

The Agreement

They have settled to split the shares, but when it comes to how much is at stake and how much each gets a say in, the shareholders are making that choice and not a judge or jury. When it comes to the agreement, they both get to walk away with half of the casino however, someone is going to have more pull with it than the other. This is where they get their clashing from and do not know what to do.

The kicker is, they have been married twice and this will be their second divorce. It seems that this business venture has kept them coming back to each other time after time, but many wonder if this is really the end. Despite the divorce that is taking place, shareholders continue to cash in their shares and make the decisions on who is going to be able to do what. They both helped this empire grow, put their hard work, dedication and many long nights into and love. They do not want to see something happen to it, including bankruptcy or having it go out of business. They own far too many properties for this to happen, but something has to be done so they are putting their faith into the shareholders and what they believe in.

As for the outcome, we have to wait and see how that is going to end up when it comes to the end of the divorce when things are finalized between the two.