Casino Operators in Missouri Want Tweaks to the Credit Rules

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Most of the casinos located in Missouri offer lines of credit to their patrons who may qualify to borrow the minimum amount of $10,000.00.


This measure was aimed towards wealthy patrons who did not want to carry large sums of cash on their person.


A Missouri law which is 18 months old allows the casino to issue credit to these prosperous patrons is working as intended, casino operators state, yet a few tweaks would make it even more functional.


Under the provisions that went into effect in July of 2014, seven out of 13 of the states casinos now offer this line of credit to their patrons who qualify to barrow the minimum of 10 thousand dollars as well as having the ability to pay back what is barrowed within a 30 day period.


The threshold that is in place at this time can turn away some very credit worthy gamblers who just may want only a few thousand dollars and they do not want to jump through any hoops in order to prove that they are qualified for the minimum 10 thousand dollar credit line states the president of government relations and public affairs for Pinnacle Entertainment, Troy Stremming.


The current credit measure was aimed towards affluent patrons who did not want to hold large sums of cash or even dip into their bank accounts for their gambling money.  The seven casinos that do offer this credit line are in St. Louis or Kansas City, where the professional sports teams as well as the entertainment venues pull in people from across the country.


Stremming stated that most of the patrons who do take advantage of the credit line are what are considered to be High Rollers, which also have a relationship with the company’s other casinos that are located in other states.