Brace Yourself for Pragmatic Play’s Adorable Monster Superlanche Slot

Brace Yourself for Pragmatic Play’s Adorable Monster Superlanche Slot

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January 23, 2023

monsters superlanche slotAs the end of January approaches Pragmatic Play is launching their brand-new video slot. The title is Monster Superlanche and it features cute monster symbols with increasing multipliers, cascading reels, and more.

What is the Monster Superlanche Slot?

Pragmatic Play takes on a more light-hearted approach with this monster-theme slot release. The Monster Superlanche slot houses 6 reels with the scattered pays mechanic. This allows for a great number of winning combinations as there are also 5 rows. With 30 possible spaces and a scattered pay system, Pragmatic Play is stepping out of their usual routine we have seen in recent releases.

The RTP of the game is calculated to be around 96.03% with a high volatility value. The player will be able to wager anywhere from $0.2 to $100 for a chance to win the 5000x maximum payout. As for the regular symbols, they are the main sources of payouts. Each one is a different adorable critter with well-rounded payouts. Scoring more in a combination nets the player an increased payout per symbol.

Extra Mechanics

You can’t have an entertaining monster slot game without exciting mechanics. The main one being the cascading wins system Pragmatic Play has implemented. The Monster Superlanche slot features the winning symbols tumble with a slight twist. When a player scores a win, the winning symbols will remain on the board while the rest disappear. New symbols will then drop down for more winning opportunities.

Furthermore, each reel houses a multiplier. Whenever a reel is filled with winning symbols at the end of a tumble, that win is multiplied by the reel’s value. Multipliers can randomly be anywhere from 2x to 100x. Combine that with the scatter symbols that trigger free spins and you can have some amazing wins. If you cannot wait for those free spins, feel free to use the designated Buy Free Spins button.



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