Boston Suing Gaming Board Over Casino

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The Wynn Casino and Resort was who received the gaming license for the area.

This might be a big thing to take in since it is going to be a long shot when it comes to suing the gaming board. You would need a lot of proof and information to hold this accusation over their heads. It is something that is being done though, and we have some details regarding what it going to be done during the case that they are opening against the gaming board.

The Details

The Massachusetts gaming board was who awarded the Wynn casino a gaming license so that they could start building their casino within the area. With this gaming license, they are legal to hold casino operations within the state. This is something that was given after a lengthy debate and fight from other casinos that wanted to go in the area. Only one license however, was given to one casino and this is where the problem came from.

When someone is able to come in and get the decision made right away, the others running for the same position are going to be somewhat upset over what was made. Many of the casinos wanted to take the vote to which got the license to the board, to the table for a vote to be taken from everyone that wants to put their input on which casino might be the best for the sake of the town. This was not done, however and the gaming board decided to just make a quick decision without bringing it up to anyone.

They are now going after the gaming board to seek resolution for the decision that they decided to make without bringing it to a vote. This is something that the other casinos feel was done in an unfair manner and they do not feel that the Everett casino should be manned by Wynn Resorts since they are a larger dog in the playing field, and can cause serious problems. Some of the smaller time casinos would rather have this spot to raise more awareness and cash for the area. This however, is not what the gaming board felt was the right thing to do.