Boston is the Next in Line for a Casino to Open

Boston is the Next in Line for a Casino to Open

Staff Writer
September 17, 2014

With so many casinos piling into the many states throughout the country – everyone is wondering what is coming next, who is getting what and what this means for the cities that they are being put in. As far as we known, Wynn Resorts put their bid in to the Boston board for approval – as well as some others for the casino space that is proposed for the area – and Wynn won with a $2B dollar proposal. Not only is this casino going to have games, but it is going to have a luxury resort, as well.

The site for this new casino and high end luxury resort?

A previous chemical plant site that is in the area. Not only is the site expansive, but it is not longer being used and is just sitting there. Wynn wants to go in, clean it up and put their buildings within the area. Not only is this something that can help clean up the scenery around the area, but the lawmakers for the state are hoping that it can bring good jobs and revenue to the area.

What Do You Think?

Many people are looking forward to the casinos going into the various places along the east coast, but is this something that is good, or bad news? Is this really going to help the areas out, or will they bring more crime and trouble with them than they are worth.

The casinos in Atlantic City are seeing tough times as so many of them close their doors for good and are unable to provide to those customers that want to come in and play – even the long time comers have to say goodbye to what was their dedicated casino spot.

The future is the only one that can let us know how these new casinos are going to do in the new areas that they are going up in. They are the ones that are going to be able to show whether or not having a casino in any given area can help with not only the jobs but the financial aspects that many of the states are feeling after the long time recession.



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