Bengals’ Star Ejected From Indiana Casino

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Adam Jones under investigation with a casino incident.

We all know Adam “Pacman” Jones is a talented cornerback for the Cincinnati Bengals, but unfortunately, he seems to get into a lot of trouble. It’s no surprise at all to find the NFL star back in the news after being asked to leave a Southeast Indiana casino on Wednesday morning.

There is an ongoing investigation into the matter, but at the moment, Indiana police and prosecutors are keeping their lips sealed. Jones spoke to WLWT News 5 about the incident, and he claims that no arrest was made simply because no crime had been committed. The cornerback spoke out saying, “They asked me to leave because I had dip.”

This is not the stars’ first run in with the law, but this time the situation seems to be far different. The casino that ejected Adam early Wednesday morning is not commenting on the incident, and if we believe Jones, perhaps casino rules and regulations are getting a tad out of control, that is, if the full story is simply a scuffle over chewing tobacco. Obviously, tobacco is not safe for anyone, but if Jones wishes to indulge in the addictive substance, at least he is not blowing smoke at innocent bystanders.

However, there is most likely a lot more to this story than we are hearing. We know that the police were called to investigate a disorderly conduct incident involving Jones in the wee hours of the morning. And given the football player’s extensive rap sheet, inclinations lead us to believe that there is much more here than “dip.”

With the clientele that casinos bring in, it’s obviously important to have strict guidelines in place to ensure the safety of the patrons. According to frequent guests of the Indiana casino, Jones is a regular and a consistent nuisance. From what we know about the star and his violent history in the media, it’s very logical to believe that he did something ridiculous, once again. We will know more in the days to come, and we can only hope that Jones can learn to show casinos the respect they deserve.