Atlantic City Casino that outlasted the Competition

Atlantic City Casino that outlasted the Competition

Staff Writer
August 26, 2015

After years of big name casinos and resorts setting up shop in Atlantic City Resorts Casino Resort had run into some hard times. Nearly losing everything to the bigger name corporations they had to make business readjustments in order to survive. In 2009 they were nearly dead in the water while the competition grew vastly. Fast forward to 2015 and 4 of the Resorts Casinos competitors have went out of business and they have strategically survived and thrived through the changes. Adding new management and several amenities to accommodate loyal customers have driven there profits to new horizons.

Hiring the management team from the Mohegan Indian tribe casinos was the first step to turning around the struggling casino. They brought their crowd and a new focus on the customer that has built a strong foundation for the casino. Not only did management facilitate better working environments but kept prices lower than the competition allowing them to make profit by numbers and not by name. This methodology has allowed Resorts Casino to new a profit of 2.5 million in 2014 with prospective of doing even better by the end of 2015.

In the coming days Resorts Casino will be starting a $9.5 million expansion to the building. This expansion will cure its need for conference and meeting spaces that seem to be a big market for the gaming community. Companies booking events and seminars will be able to utilize the new space. This expansion comes just 2 years after Resorts opened $35 million restaurant with a Jimmy Buffet-Margaritaville theme. The restaurant included a top of the line bar and entertainment complex that has been one of the main reasons for the casinos growth. Resorts has been able to accommodate the customers from the four fallen casinos in Atlantic City while catering to their already staunch customer base. It is astounding to see a business go from 0 to 100 in the matter of 5 years.



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