Alabama is Rolling the Dice on Gambling

Posted by: CasinosOnline in Casino News

Alabama might be seeing changes many residents don’t want.

Living in a little city within Alabama means you were raised a specific way, and gambling was one of those taboos that couldn’t be forgiven. The Bible Belt throughout Alabama stands strong and with it comes a lot of fighting and set backs because these people are fighting to keep their state in a whole, without the casinos and gambling Las Vegas style that follows. Sen. Del March, R-Anniston is the one that is bringing this large debate to the table and is hoping to have it passed within a small amount of time, so they can start the bidding and renovations as soon as possible within the state.

Not only does he help the lottery run, but he is hoping to be the most influential within the casinos in the state. However, this means that he is going to become the villain to those within Alabama who view gambling as a sin, when he passes the bill and has it opened within the state. This group of people came together to oppose many of the bills that were trying to be passed in the past and they won against them. Now, they are looking to do the same thing to ensure that the bill on this is not passed through and they started.

The proposed plan is thought to bring in more traffic and income for the state, which is something that they need in order to help fund city projects, and build specific things that need renovation within the state. In addition, there is a current budget crisis that is in effect and in order to get that straightened out, the state has to do something about the money, and where it is going to come from. This is not going to help anything if they don’t think of a plan fast.

This is why the Senator decided to go this route with the changes that are being made, and working for the other states throughout the country. They figure it is a quick, easy way to not only provide for the communities, but can also give jobs to those that need them.