A Victim of a Shooting Shows up in a Casino Asking for Help

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Shooting victim calls for help inside a nearby casino.

A man is in the hospital recovering after he was shot in the face while he was at Santa Rosa Rancheria that is located in Kings County Friday Night.

The man who was shot stated that he was sitting in his car that was parked with another man while they were at the Rancheria, when he heard a very loud bang and then felt sever pain after the bang.  This is when the police authorities state that the victim drove himself as well as the other man he was with to the entrance of Tachi Palace Casino and Hotel in order to try seeking help with his injuries.

The sheriff’s authorities stated that due to the fact that the casino staff was not sure if the other man that was with the victim was armed or a suspect as the two showed up, that the casino staff implemented their active shooter mode just to be cautious.

After the deputies arrived at the casino, they spoke to the shooting victim who stated that he was not sure how he was shot or by whom.

The victim was treated by the casino staff before he was life-flighted to the Community Regional Medical Center that is located in Fresno.  The victim of the shooting is now with moderate, non-life threatening injuries that occurred to his face.  The detectives are going to secure the area, in order to try to find the crime scene.

The other man who was in the car also, was detained as he was trying to leave the casino a very short time after.  He is also being interviewed in order to determine what exactly his involvement in the shooting was.

The casino and hotel staff is helping the sheriff’s department in any way that they can, they are also providing them with surveillance videos from the night.