A School to Teach Dealers How to Deal

A School to Teach Dealers How to Deal

Staff Writer
December 29, 2014

This is a school that is the first to go up throughout the country and one that aims to please each and every student that walks through the doors. As early as next week, the doors to the school are going to be opened and ready to take on students wishing to learn more about the art of dealing. They are opening in New York and are ready to take on everyone wishing to get a position within one of the new casinos – this training is going to be necessary for them to learn before they can effectively deal the cards at the casino.

What’s So Special About This School?

This school is the first of it’s kind throughout the area and surrounding areas which is going to make it a hot spot for so many people wishing to learn a bit more about the art of dealing cards and the fun, fast paced casino games that will be offered.

Those that are going to be teaching throughout the schools are certified poker dealers and game table attendants. They have already had their training and certification and are now going to pass on their knowledge to those wishing to learn the trade. These dealers love their jobs and couldn't think of anything better than being able to pass on the knowledge that they have about the game and how to actually deal the cards out.

Those that go through the training will have to complete two different ability tests before they are able to be certified. They put them through a rigorous training schedule and curriculum to ensure that they meet all requirements to be able to go in and get a job within a casino as a dealer. Those wishing to obtain jobs within the new casinos in New York will have to have this training and completion certification that they are giving to those that sign up.

So when can we expect them to start taking on students? As soon as possible. They want to open early next week, if not this week to start taking on people wishing to learn.



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