$38B Paid Out in Casino Taxes

$38B Paid Out in Casino Taxes

Staff Writer
September 29, 2014
Casinos and taxes are happening, how much are they actually paying?

That is not an over estimate, either. The casinos throughout the United States, even counting the largest gambling capital – Las Vegas paid out $38 billion the past year to taxes. This year, many people are wondering just how high the numbers are going to soar. Many think that even with the new casinos that are being put in, the number of casinos that have already closed their doors is going to make up for this.
One Closes, Another Opens
Atlantic City saw a dramatic decline when a few of their casinos had to close their doors and make sure that they paid their dues to the IRS come tax time. Even though they will be out of commission for the next few months, this does not mean that they do not have to pay for the rest of the year that they were operating in. This can make up a lot of the difference, and it can mean that more money is going to be paid in when it comes to the casino taxes out there.
As for now, only a few have opened and really, the taxes in 2015 are the ones that are going to show the true numbers between the closed and the opened casinos for the year 2014, but as of now – the number is sitting at $38 billion and is expected to rise.
We are more than happy with the results since this might stimulate the economy, might make more out of the country and it might mean that things will now look up, instead of down so you have to keep this in mind when it comes to what is going to be paid out in the taxes and what you can safely get from them.
As for now, we are waiting to hear more about what the taxes from this year are looking like – since we want to keep a close eye on what is being paid out and what is going into our economy as a whole, especially from the gaming perspective. Keep checking back often to find out if we have posted new information on the topic.



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