$21,000 Missing After Falling Off an Armored Truck

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Armored truck loses $21,000 from Revel casino.

Just about $21,000 has gone missing after the cash fell from the top of the roof of an armored truck. The money was picked up from the Atlantic City casino that is soon to be closing, and is now missing in action. GardaWorld was the armored truck service that picked up the cash from Revel Casino on August 6. This was just a routine pick up, that would happen any other time from the casino, in order to bring the money to the bank.

The incident report that was filed by the Press of Atlantic City pulled the surveillance tape from the casino to see where the cash was, and if they could see where it fell off at. The video showed the cash, in a bag, on to the top of the rear driver’s side roof. The truck pulled out of the back of the casino, but the bag remained on the top of the roof while driving away. When they checked the hotel footage for the Resorts Casino Hotel, the bag was still on the roof at this time.

Where Did it Go?

It is not clear when exactly the bag fell off the top of the roof. GardaWorld is working with the law enforcement teams that were assigned to this case. They are hoping to have the money back as soon as possible. It was an honest mistake that happened, but are still missing some of the details – which need to be sorted out, in order to find out where the bag of cash ended up.

Due to financial problems, Revel is going to be closing their doors to the hotel September 1st, while casino will remain active until September 2nd. They are hoping that this money that was lost, will wind up returned by whomever found it – or that it is located at all. It is unclear on why the guards of the truck placed it on top of the roof at all, but these details are being worked out accordingly by the law enforcement officials that are doing the investigation regarding the missing cash from the armored truck.