How Live Game Shows Are Making Way to Casino Fan-Favorites

How Live Game Shows Are Making Way to Casino Fan-Favorites

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Updated October 31, 2023

Why Play Live Casino Game Shows

Why are live casino game shows so popular?

Before we list out the reasons, let’s observe the game show definition. According to Oxford Languages, this is the meaning of a game show:

a television programme in which people compete to win prizes.

With that notion in mind, software providers tweaked the idea and started developing live casino variants of such programmes. Unsurprisingly, players came flocking to the innovative, immersive type of online casino games.

In this article, we explore the perks of live dealer game shows and if they are better than casino games.

Background & History

The first title of this caliber was evidently an experiment. As we’re used to by now, Evolution broke ground with the first-ever game show – Dream Catcher, launched in late 2018.

The Riga-based iGaming leader closely monitored the market to see how the release performs. Only then did the developer notice a huge interest in the new concept of live gaming. Therefore, the firm continued launching multiple game shows like Deal Or No Deal and Crazy Time, more about which we’ll discuss later. However, it’s interesting to note that Evolution stuck to the interactive element and featured it in games like roulette. That’s how untypical live games like Lightning Roulette, Lightning Dice, and Live Football Studio came to be.

In the same year, Playtech jumped on the bandwagon and pushed out Live Spin A Win. The unique, memorable design hosting a colorful money wheel is presented by a charismatic dealer entered all Playtech casinos.

Both of these games run on the simple wheel-of-fortune principle. Essentially, before each round, the players place bets on sections of the wheel. When the bets are closed, the presenter sets the construction in motion. A few spins take place, building the anticipation until the arrow stops on a wedge. At that point, the winner is proclaimed by the host.

Generally, the optimal money wheel RTP stands at 96.60%. However, the percentage may vary depending on the bet type in the livegameshow.

Safe, low-paying sections appear multiple times on the wheel and are perfect for the risk-averse. On the other hand, rare slots and side bets pay more as they are not as numerous.

Benefits of Live Game Shows

Online live game shows are indeed inventive but have roots in other games of luck such as slots. Firstly, they share the average payback percentage. Secondly, they largely rely on luck and require little to no skill. Thirdly, both live online game shows and slots focus on the visual aspect.

That leads us to the first and most superficial facet of a live game show – what you can see. It is evident that game manufacturers put extra effort into making the games visually appealing. To exemplify, the studios are stunningly furnished with great attention to detail. A great example involves Evolution’s famous Dream catcher, which has had multiple forms to date. So far, Dream Catcher Underwater Halloween, Dream Catcher BBQ, as well as a Christmas rendition have been launched.

So, casino goers who like their games beautiful and attractive typically enjoy a good livegame show.

Secondly, the best live casino game shows offer a multitude of bets. The wheel can feature dozens of sections, allowing you to get creative with your bets. In straightforward money wheel live games, the selection is naturally narrower. In contrast, advanced, multifaceted WoF games feature ambitious side bets with huge payouts. Thus, the biggest benefit of live casino game shows is adaptability to all types of players.

Next up, the live game show betting range is usually broad. This flexibility allows both low-stake punters and high-rollers to equally enjoy the show. For instance, in Crazy Time, wagers as low as $0.10 per spin are accepted. On the other end of the spectrum, Crazy Time lets you bet up to $1,000 every few seconds.

Best Live Casino Game Shows

Now that you know what the biggest features of a typical live game show app are, let’s check out titles.

Luckily, we have dozens of releases to go through as providers are busy creating bigger and better ones. We’ve ranked the best live casino game shows on the market right now.

Just so you know, we considered the graphics, aesthetics, friendliness of hosts, and bet varieties alike. So, this is the product of months-worth of hard work cherry-picking the finest titles for you.

What follows is the list of the top 5 live game shows (so far).

Crazy Time – Evolution

Crazy Time live game show

We’d be sinning if we didn’t start this selection with the best live game show ever. The greatness of Crazy Time lies in its outside-of-the-box quality and innovation when the industry most needed it.

This is no traditional livegameshow. We’re talking about a giant wheel game featuring four bonus rounds. After the initial spin, players can land in Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, or the premium round. By incorporating different sorts of games of luck (coin flipping, reel-spinning, and random number generation) Evolution created a one-of-a-kind release that’s already cemented with throne among its kind.

Objectively, the entertaining show is the most colorful one in casinos. Even the presenters are clad in bright, magician-like costumes. The overall carnival atmosphere is beyond inviting and electrifying.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland – Playtech

Adventures Beyond Wonderland live game show

Speaking of beyond, our second-best pick is Adventures beyond Wonderland by Playtech. Unapologetically drawing inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, the online live game show is a show-stopper.

So, how to play Adventures Beyond Wonderland?

The basic rules are identical to those of any other money wheel title. Nonetheless, the main difference is the side bet. Namely, Adventures Beyond Wonderland offers not one, but two gigantic wheels with extravagant multipliers. Depending on which bonus section the arrow stops, a bonus round will unfurl.

One the bonus Wonderland wheel, expect one out of four features. Maximize your winnings by landing either WonderSpins 5 or WonderSpins2. Alternatively, you can leverage your time by shaking the Magic Dice in the traditional sic bo manner. Finally, Adventures Beyond Wonderland provides a Mystery Bonus with up to 1,000x multipliers!

Mega Ball – Evolution

Mega Ball live game show

Not a game show in the traditional sense of the word, Mega Ball is a live dealer and bingo hybrid. Taking place in a lottery-inspired professional casino studio, the title caters to a $500,000 jackpot. You can win half a million dollars by simply getting the numbers right.

The studio is furnished in an Art Deco style with a 1980s influence. As such, it accommodates art and history lovers. The main stage of Mega Ball is occupied by a large container with twenty-four numbered balls. Before a round, players purchase 5×5 cards. Then, the machine randomly generates results until the first player fills up his or her ticket. To help you complete a round successfully, the middle socket is the Wild, facilitating jackpots.

Initially, after your purchase, you receive randomly assigned numbers. However, you are free to refresh the card until you get your desired combo.

Mega Ball from Evolution is a fun game to play and perfect for lottery lovers. If you enjoy bingo and similar kinds, definitely give it a go.

Mega Wheel – Pragmatic Play

Mega Wheel live casino game show

To shake things up a bit, CasinosOnline include Pragmatic Play in the list as well. Mega Wheel is a 2020 live game show with an optimal 96.47% RTP and a 500x max win.

To play Mega Wheel, you have 15 seconds to place your bet. Pragmatic Play allows anything from $0.10 to $1,000. In each gaming session, you can place anything between 1 and 9 bet types. Then, the dealer spins the big wheel and waits with you for the outcome to reveal itself.

The holy grail of Mega Wheel livegame show is the Mega Multiplier, multiplying your stake up to 500 times. Playable at well-equipped Pragmatic Play casinos, Mega Wheel is another modern classic you don’t want to miss out on. With its detailed betting history and live chat facility, you can gamble from home and feel social. Interaction is key in this Big 6-inspired live game show.

Monopoly – Evolution

Monopoly live casino game show

In 2019, in partnership with Hasbro, Evolution launched another online live game show – Monopoly. Besides the charming, English-speaking dealer, players regularly face Rich Uncle Pennybags. Exactly this rich man invites you to “do some building” when you hit a bonus round in Monopoly Live.

It seems that with this game Evolution found the direction in which it has since further headed. Also, soon after, the company rebranded from Evolution Gaming, showcasing big changes coming up.

As for Monopoly live game show, it displayed a huge win of 2,920x the stake in 2020. In July 2020, Monopoly Live from Evolution hit its highest jackpot ever!

Visually speaking, the peerless Evolution decorated the casino studio with skyscrapers and related metropolis features. The live game show oozes glamour, luxury, and capital, which is exactly what the board game is about. Fulfilling that American dream has never been easier!

The real future of live casino gaming is already here. Are you ready to face it?


Live online game shows have become the talk of the town in online gaming. They are so influential that even classic casino games like roulette took to it. Just take a look at Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette. The power of live game shows has not yet been realized, though. But the fact of the matter is that this type of live game has great potential and will continue to change the industry for the better.



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