Why do Some Casino Games Regularly Update?

Why do Some Casino Games Regularly Update?

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March 13, 2014

Why do some Casino Games Regularly Update

One annoying factor of playing at some online casino sites, namely those that have a downloadable gaming platform, is that from time to time when you log into that site you are going to find that the software will automatically update.

Whilst the software is updating it will often mean that every single game in the casino will need to be re-downloaded, and this can result in your having to wait for quite a while whilst this happens, or if you opt to play one single game whilst the updates are downloading in the background the games you choose to play can often lag badly.

If you have ever experienced this when playing at a downloadable casino site then today’s article will be of interest to you as we examine the many different reasons why casino games can and do regularly update on some online gaming software platforms.

New Casino Platform Layout

From time to time an online gaming platform supplier will launch new and innovative changes in regards to the layout of their games and/or the controls of their casino games and this is one time when they would wish to update their games to allow these new innovations to be put into place.

This did happen recently when Microgaming launched their tabbed browser, all of the individual games along with the game lobby needed to be updated to accommodate this change which now it has been completed allows players to open up and play several casino games all at the same time.

Correcting Software Errors

Sometimes the software a player has downloaded onto their computer becomes corrupted due to a problem on that computer, and when a casino gaming platform detects such problems then it will automatically update and this will cause the entire platform to update with the correct files.

Occasionally a player may not get the software to launch and load and when this happens it is advisable to completely un-install the entire casino software and then download it again from scratch, by doing this any errors will be rectified once that new copy of the software has been downloaded and install.

Enhancing Game Appearance

Companies who supply online casino games and the gaming platforms that they operate on are always looking to enhance their gaming platforms and range of games to take into account any new features or graphics that becomes available from time to time.

This can often be a time when a player will notice the casino games updating, for when these new look games are going live the casino will require the new files for those games to be updated one at a time and this sadly can mean you have to wait whilst they do so.

In most instances this downloading of new files and the updating of the games will happen in the background with no noticeable change in the way the games work and play, but when you are on a slow internet connection then when playing slots for example with the games updating in the background you may experience occasions when the reels spin for longer than usual, or when playing card games there may be a short wait as each card is dealt out.

It often calls for a player to be patient for it is often worth the wait to have the very latest games and playing features, graphics and even sound effects offered when you are playing any online casino game, and one tip when you do notice an update taking place is to simply leave the software loaded and then go and do something else whilst the games are updated!

Stake Level Changes

Sometime a casino will have different stake levels on offer to different players, often when a new player signs up the casino software will only permit them to play for low stake levels to take into account any new player bonuses they have to play off, or the casino will have different stake levels options on offer to players with a higher VIP level than other players.

When the time arrives when a player is to be upgraded to the next higher levels of stake options then a casino gaming platform will update, and this will mean each game will need to update individually one at a time to accommodate these changes.

Should you not have the patience to wait or wish to play casino games that never need updating then you can always opt to give the instant play, flash powered games a try for these will always be ready to play and will never force you to wait whilst any game updates are performed as they are automatically updated as the games load!


As you can see from the above explanations of why casino games can and do regularly update, there is nothing sinister about this, and whilst many casino game players may think that a casino is somehow lowering the payouts on their games when the games update, this is never the case.

In fact all of the operators and owners of the major online gaming platforms have no way of changing the payout percentages or house edges on their range of games as the companies supplying them have opted to keep their paybacks static and cannot change them on the hoof so to speak!

If any casino game ever was to have its payouts changed then the casino gaming platform that supplies that game would have to get approval from their licensing jurisdiction and alert both casino operators and players that this was going to happen and also update all of their game help files to adhere to their gaming licenses.

You can always play with complete confidence when playing any of our listed casino sites, and as mentioned above the instant play, flash powered games are the ones you can opt to play it you do not want to ever see a full suite of casino games updating!



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