Why do Some Casino Games Have an Ante Bet?

Why do Some Casino Games Have an Ante Bet?

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April 3, 2014

Ace Bet in Casinos explained

When you play some casino card games you are often required to place something known as an Ante bet, and if you are unsure what this wager is and what it does then today’s article is going to be of interest to you!

An Ante bet is simply a wager that is an obligatory wager that every player playing card games which require this wager have to place before the game will get underway. You will find it is mainly the casino poker based card games which require you to place such a wager, and below is an overview of some of these games you may be interested in playing online.

3 Card Poker – Two Games in One

The card game that goes by the name of 3 Card Poker is one which requires players to only place an Ante wager if they opt to play the base game and not the second game which can be played this being the Pairs Plus wager.

After placing this bet you then have to click on the Deal button and you are then dealt out three cards, depending on how you rate this hand you can either fold it, and lose the Ante bet or play the hand which requires another wager to be placed onto the table.

The aim of this relatively simple game is to beat the Dealers hand with your hand, if you do beat the Dealers hand depending on the value of the Dealers hand you will either be awarded just one winning payout based on your Ante bet or additionally a second winning payout will also be awarded to you, this additional set of payouts are only awarded if the Dealers hand is stronger than a Queen high hand and your hand contains a Straight or higher valued hand combination!

Cyberstud Poker a Microgaming Exclusive Casino Poker Game

If you choose to play at a Microgaming casino site, you will come across a game called Cyberstud Poker. This game also requires you to place an Ante bet. By placing this bet, you will be dealt out a five card hand.

The aim of the quite basic poker based casino card game is to beat the Dealer's five-card hand with yours. The dealer has to qualify for you to earn a set of additional winning payouts. However, you will only get them when you Call your hand. This requires another wager to be placed on the table. Plus, your hand beats the Dealers when their hand is stronger in value than an Ace and King hand.

Microgaming also have a progressive jackpot paying version of the game, however an additional bonus type side bet wager has to be placed alongside all of your base game bets for you to have any chance of qualifying for one of the bonus payouts which are all listed on the games pay table, the highest winning payout is the progressive jackpot which will be yours if your hand is a Royal Flush hand.

New High Speed Poker Game

Another poker based card game that you will come across online is the High Speed Poker game, this is a multi hand game and as such if you do decide to play it online you will be able to play up to five hands per single game played.

Be aware that every single hand you decide to play will require its own Ante wager on the table. But as this game comes with a range of different stake option settings, you will be able to play it for as little as just 1.00 per hand so it won’t break the bank if you decide to give it some play time.

This game is much like the card game of 3 Card Poker. How so? In as much as each hand you have opted to play will be dealt out its own set of 3cards from the deck and you are simply hoping that any hand you choose to play as opposed to fold ends up beating the Dealers hand.

If the Dealers hand does not qualify by high hand having at least a Queen in it then you will only get paid out an even money payout on your Ante bet and your play bet s returned to you as a push, however if his hand qualifies and you beat it then based on the strength of your hand some additional winning payouts will be awarded to you.

This game also has an optional side bet type of wagering opportunity. If this bet has been placed then if your hand contains one of the listed hand combinations on the bonus paytable, you get an additional payout based on just how much you wagered on that bonus bet position.


With the exception of the Progressive game mentioned above you are going to be able to put any of the games which require you to place an Ante wager for free at all online casinos that carry those particular games, and that is probably one way all players who are new to those games should be initially looking to play them.

For by getting to grips fully with the games structures, bets and of course the winning hand combinations you are less likely to make any playing errors after sampling the games in the free play options when you then go on to play those games for real money.



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