Why Do Some Blackjack Game Payouts Vary?

Why Do Some Blackjack Game Payouts Vary?

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April 17, 2014

Why Do Some Blackjack Game Payouts Vary

There are dozens of different Blackjack game variants that you will come across online, and whilst the majority of them award an identical set of winning payouts when a player gets dealt a Blackjack hand, a non Blackjack hand or wins the Insurance wager, there are some variants that award a slightly different set of payout odds, and today we are going to take a look at why and what variants offer different payouts.

If you have played Blackjack before online or even in a land based casino you will notice the odds awarded to players on the vast majority of Blackjack game variants are 3 to 2 for a winning Blackjack hand which is any Ace card along with any 10 valued card, even money is paid out to players holding any other winning hand and this includes a 10 valued card with a Split Ace, and the Insurance wager pays out at odds of 2 to 1.

Now that you are aware of the standard winning payout odds, let us give you an insight into other payouts you will find on some other variants and this will let you discover if you are getting true value from those payouts and those different variants!

Look Out for 6 to 5 Blackjack Hand Payouts

Some Blackjack games do not offer the 3 to 2 payout odds when a player gets dealt out a winning Blackjack hand, instead they are paid out at odds of 6 to 5, you need to avoid playing these types of variants as that 6 to 5 payout is lower than the standard 3 to 2 payout awarded to players on other variants when dealt a Blackjack hand.

The reason some sites lower the odds on their Blackjack hand payouts to 6 to 5 is simply greed! That slightly lower payout will mean the house edge on their variant is higher and as such over the long term operation of that game they will make more money from it than other casino sites!

You will always find printed on the actual Blackjack table the odds awarded for a winning Blackjack hand and as such it is very easy to spot sites offering reduced winning odds, and if you do notice a payout of 6 to 5 on any Blackjack hand at any site you are playing at do not bother playing that game and look for one offering the industry standard 3 to 2 odds instead.

Double Exposure Blackjack Pays Even Money on all Winning Hands

There are some Blackjack game variants that offer the same payout odds no matter what winning hand you are dealt, and one of these variants is the game of Double Exposure Blackjack. If you have any winning hand irrespective of whether it is a Blackjack hand or a standard winning hand you are paid out at odds of even money.

On first inspection of the payout odds of this game you may be put off playing it as even money odds for a winning Blackjack hand is lower than the poor paying 6 to 5 odds we told you to avoid in the above section, however the odds are low on this variant due to the unique way Double Exposure Blackjack is played.

When playing this particular variant you are going to get to see both of the Dealers two initial cards instead of one of them being dealt face up and one of them being dealt face down, and as such to compensate for players knowing what cards the Dealer is holding and adjusting their playing strategy to take that into account, the game awards winning payouts of even money on all hands, and as such this is not a poor valued games as you may have first thought!

Bonus Payouts without any Additional Bonus Bet

You may come across certain Blackjack game variants that will permit you to place a bonus type bet alongside your standard base game wagers, and a set of different bonus payouts can then be won by players once certain winning hand combinations get dealt out.

However there are two Blackjack game variants those being the Spanish Blackjack game and the Super 21 Blackjack game which award bonus payouts without the need to place any additional bonus bet.

The Spanish Blackjack game variant for example awards several bonus payouts one of which is a 50 to 1 payout when a player is dealt out three 7’s and the Dealers up card is also a 7, and this payout is awarded without you having to have placed any type of bonus bet, and is paid out dependent on the value of your base game bet so a 10.00 initial wager gets a winning payout of 500.00 plus your initial 10.00 stake back when that winning hand is dealt out to you.


It is always worth you looking at not only the payout odds listed on the actual Blackjack table but also to check the listing of bonus payouts some Blackjack games have on offer as this will initially allow you to make an informed decision on whether that Blackjack game variant is worth playing or not.

Also you do need to find out what the house edge of a Blackjack game variant has been designed to play out to, for it is the lowest house edge Blackjack games players need to be playing as opposed to those with the highest house edges.

It is usually the case that when a Blackjack game variants offers a set of additional winning hand combinations which either require a bonus bet to be placed to be awarded those bonus payouts or awards them without the need to place such a wager on games such as the Spanish Blackjack game mentioned above that the house edges of those games are quite high.

Even though those bonus payouts may seem quite attractive and generous you should avoid playing those games as the higher than average house edge will mean you lose more over the long term than when you are playing standard Blackjack games!



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