Why American Roulette is a Bad Bet

Why American Roulette is a Bad Bet

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April 20, 2016

Why American Roulette is a Bad Bet

With you having such a large range of different gaming platforms and casino software types on offer to you when you fancy playing your favourite casino games online or even on any type of mobile device, you do have to know what games are available on each of those gaming platforms to discover whether the casino using them are going to be offering you the type and variety of casino games you enjoy plying the most.

If you are a roulette player then you will often find some casinos only have a tiny number of roulette games available, whilst some casino site will have the more standard types of roulette games on offer and will also offer a range of roulette games which offer unique bonus betting opportunities.

However, the roulette games with bonus betting options do tend to have slightly higher house edges on those side bet wagers, and as such you are best off playing a more standard roulette game which comes with a reasonably low house edge. The three most commonly available roulette games are European, French and American roulette, however the latter named roulette game is one you should never play!

House Edge is Important!

By you playing any roulette game you will tend to notice that all of the standard betting opportunities offer the same payouts on most variants, and as such placing a bet on the Odd numbers will of course see you getting paid out at odds of even money if any of the 18 odds numbers is spun in when you have placed such a wager.

Also when you place single chip on any one number and that number is spun in then you will find the winning payout of those types of roulette bets returns a payout of 35 to 1. However some roulette wheels namely the American Roulette wheel has an additional zero on the wheel so there will be both a single zero and a double zero.

As there is no increase in the winning payouts taking into account that additional ball well on the roulette wheel which could be spun in at any time then all American Roulette games come with a very high house edge and offer poor value to players, so never play those variants as over time your winning chances decrease as will your bankroll!

Roulette Game Bonuses

Many online casino sites will offer you deposit match bonuses and even no deposit bonuses as a new player or if you are a regular player at their site, and if so you may be interested in knowing which are going to be the best valued bonuses to use on roulette games.

Be aware that due to the way roulette is designed and structure many casino sites are very vary about giving away either deposit match or no deposit bonuses that can be used on their roulette games and as such you are likely to find that those types of bonuses will be in short supply for roulette players.

However, what you will often find that many casino sites offer something that is known as a cash back bonus, and those bonuses are often available to real money roulette players. The way in which these types of bonuses worth is that you will be given a percentage of any losses you make over any set period of time. The best types of cash back bonuses are those that offer the highest amount of cash back and give it you as cash credits and no as bonus credits!


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