Why 6/5 Blackjack is a Bad Bet

Why 6/5 Blackjack is a Bad Bet

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Updated November 15, 2022

Why 6/5 Blackjack Is a Bad Bet

One aspect of you becoming a much better online blackjack player is that you are going to always need to know about the math of the game, and with that in mind we have put together the following article which is going to enlighten you as to the payouts that you will be awarded when dealt out certain winning hands.

As you are probably already more than aware if you are playing blackjack and you have a hand which beats the dealer then you will be paid out at odds of even money, however if that hand is a blackjack hand then you will receive a slightly enhanced winning payout.

The industry standard winning payout when you have been dealt out what is known as a blackjack hand which is any ten valued card alongside an ace card is 3 to 2, keep in mind that winning payout is not awarded to you if you have split an ace or ten and then are dealt out a ten or ace to those split cards as those hands are classed as 21 hands and not blackjack hands.

However, we have started to see more and more casinos offering a payout of 6 to 5 as opposed to 3 to 2 to winning players dealt out a winning blackjack hand.

Those odds of 6 to 5 means that you will receive less back on those winning blackjack hands when compared to you playing a game offering odds of 3 to 2 and as such if you ever do come across a blackjack game offering 6 to 5 odds for a winning players blackjack hand then never play those games.

The house edge is of course increased quite noticeably on 6 to 5 paying blackjack hand games and as a player you will always be looking or the lowest house edge blackjack game to play, so avoid any 6 to 5 paying games!

Even Money Paying Blackjack Hands

There are also several different Blackjack game variants which payout much less than the standard 3 to 2 odds for a winning players Blackjack hand, once such game is Double Exposure Blackjack.

That game does appeal to a lot of player due to the simple fact that all of the dealers cards along with the players cards are dealt out acing upwards, so as a player you get to see what the dealer is holding in their hand and can then base your decision on what you know they are holding in their hand as opposed to trying to second guess what card are in their hand as is the case with all other blackjack game variants.

However, when playing Double Exposure Blackjack if you are dealt out a winning hand containing just one ace and any one single ten valued card the payout you will be awarded with is an even money payout.

Double Exposure Blackjack is sadly a very high house edge blackjack game variant and as such you are best avoiding it and do not think knowing that the dealer is holding via their face up card gives you a winning edge, as the high house edge makes that game a very poor valued one and there are some much better paying games available instead other variant of blackjack!


We have compiled a lot of different Blackjack Game Guides throughout this website and if you are interested in playing Blackjack online or via a mobile device then please do make sure you read through as many of those playing guides as you can do.

For by going so we will let you know how to take advance of blackjack an casino bonuses that will allow you to lock in additional playing value and we will also be showcasing to you a wide and very varied range of different blackjack game variants.

You will also be best advised once you have located a low house edge blackjack game variant to play to initially learn how to play that game optimally, for by you knowing in advance how to play of every single possible hand combination of playing cards that could be dealt out to you when faced with any dealers up facing card you will be able to get the house edge of that game as low as is possible.

So please spend as much time as you need looking around our website or when it comes to giving you access to the best blackjack playing strategies and blackjack game variant reviews we have more than enough guides and articles for you to make full use of.

Also do checkout some of the casino sites we have showcased through this website as you are going to be able to pick of some high valued bonuses when you sign up to any of them and will also be earning casino comps when playing at those sites as a real money player too!



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