Who Certifies Online Casino Games Are Fair?

Who Certifies Online Casino Games Are Fair?

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August 25, 2015

Who Certifies Online Casino Games Are Fair?

When you choose to play slot games in a land based casino you are always aware that the slots on the gaming floor will all have been tested and certified as being fair and random. This is due to each land based casino being licensed by the local gaming authority or gaming commission.

Those gaming authorities and/or gaming commissions are tasked with ensuring the casino venues operate within the law and that will include making sure the supplier of the slot machines has designed them as being fair and random.

However, when you choose to play slot games online you also need to ensure that every single slot and casino game you choose to play has also been designed to operate completely randomly and as such each game you play off, whether a spin of the reels or hand of cards dealt out to you have been randomly determined.

With that in mind we are going to enlighten you in this casino game playing guide how and who certifies online casino games as fair, and what you should look out for when you choose to play real money games online to allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing you are receiving a fair and honest game.

Online Casino Game Designers and Suppliers

All online casino games are of course designed by one of several different companies. If you are looking to play such games then you will be best advised to look for casino sites that are powered by one of those better known companies who have many years experience in supplying casino games and the gaming platforms they operate on.

Companies such as Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Rival and Playtech for example all hold gaming licenses which permits them to supply games to online casino sites and have a solid track record in supplying completely fair and random casino games.

In fact you will find many land based slot and casino game suppliers also now supply the games to many online casino sites and those companies include IGT, WMS, Novomatic and Aristocrat. With that in mind do look out for casinos offering their range of slot games as you will always be playing fair and random casino games when you access their range of game online!

Casino Game Testing Companies

Look out for the logo’s of any of the small number of online and land based casino game testing companies when you are looking at the websites of any casino sites you are thinking of signing up to and playing at.

Any casino that is displaying the logo of any such company will have had all of their games fully tested before going live by that respective casino game testing company. Also make sure the logo actually clicking through and is linked to the website of those third party games company websites and by doing so you will find a certificate which proves the casino site has had their games testing and verified by those companies!

Ongoing Casino Game Auditing

Finally be aware that many online casino sites will subscribe to one of more third party companies monthly auditing scheme, those that do will have all of their gaming logs for the entire range of casino games they offer audited each month.

You will find displayed on those casino websites something known as a payout percentage verification certificate or something similar that will give you a breakdown of just how much each casino game category paid out to players as a percentage of stakes wagered the previous month.

That will allow you to see for example the RTP of the slot games and video games and you will also find a total casino game payout percentage for the entire casino for each previous month. You will be surprised at just how much is returned to players each month based on the stakes wagered at online casino sites as the RTP’s of their games do then to be much higher than land based casino games!


It is worth noting that every single online casino site along with each mobile casino site you will find showcased and fully reviewed on this website have all had their entire suite of casino games fully tested and certified as being both fair and random and each casino site also holds a full gaming license, often in more than one country.

Therefore if you are on the lookout for a brand new casino site at which to start playing real money casino game online you are strongly advised to stick to play at those we have reviewed upon this website, as by doing so you will be guaranteed of being able to access and play their very fairest casino games and will never run into any kind of problems playing at any site!



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