Which Slot Tournaments have the Highest Prize Pools?

Which Slot Tournaments have the Highest Prize Pools?

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Updated December 27, 2022

Which Slot Tournaments have the Highest Prize Pools

There are many online slot players who have mastered the very fine art of entering and winning online slot tournaments, and there are often some huge prize pools available to players who do take part in these slot playing contents online.

To help you get an understanding of just which casino sites are going to offer you not only the largest and most diverse range of daily slot tournaments but also to discover just which slot tournaments you should be entering to get access to some huge prize pools we have put together the following guide.

You will find listed below the names of several different online slot tournaments and we will be letting you know at which casino sites you are going to find them on offer and we will also be giving you an overview of the individual prize pools attached to these better and higher paying slot tournaments too.

Keep in mind however that the slot tournaments that do have the biggest prize pools on offer are usually paid to enter slot tournaments and ones that you will have the option of being able to continue playing in them by paying an additional fee once your tournament credits and allocated time to play off those credits has expired!

Weekly High Paying Slot Tournaments

There are two weekly slot tournaments that you should try and get involved in if you can, and both of those tournaments are on offer at many downloadable casinos using Microgaming's software.

The two tournaments to keep your eyes open for are the Midweek Moolah slot tournament and the Weekend Whopper slot tournament, both of them have some huge cash prizes up for grabs and whilst the entry fees are much higher than the daily slots tournaments offered at downloadable Microgaming casinos the prize pools are always worth entering them for!

One thing to keep in mind if you are only playing with a small bankroll is that there are many freeroll slot tournaments that offer an free entry into both of those two weekly slots tournament so you could win a free entry into either or both of them it you pencil in some play time for those freerolls.

The scheduled starting times for those two weekly slot tournament and details of the tournament slot used can be found in the tournament schedule located inside the casino software so make sure you do set aside some time to take part in them each week!

Huge Paying Once a Month Slot Tournaments

The Monthly Monster slot tournament is certainly a slot tournament that every avid slot player should make time to enter and take part in and these tournaments are of course held every single month of the year and you will find them also available at Microgaming casinos at which you can download their software and gaming platforms.

The prize pools on the Monthly Slot tournament are huge in size and there are also a lot of prize paying positions available on the leader board so you will get something of a very fair and reasonable chance of being placed in a position on the Leaderboard that offers a large cash prize.

Also be on the lookout for some one off special slot tournaments that many casino sites will hold throughout the year for those tournaments will give every single player who enters them the chance of picking up some mega sized winning payouts.

The best way to play off any tournament slot is to play them rapidly and always try and use all of your tournament credits up in your allocated time, and also possibly consider using any add-ons available on these higher paying slot tournament slot!


One thing that may put you off playing in some of the online slot tournaments that do offer the biggest prize pools is the entry fee you are obliged to pay to enter those higher paying slot tournaments, as the entry fee will usually be much larger than those found on slot tournament offering a low set of cash prizes.

However, some of those slot tournaments that do boast the highest prize pools may also have a set of what are known as satellite slot tournaments on offer, and they will be much lower cost tournaments on which you will not be aiming to win a cash prize but instead if you do win one of them you win a direct entry into the higher paying tournaments.

In fact, some online casinos will run a set of free to enter slot tournaments known as freeroll tournaments in the run up to any major slot tournament starting and by entering those free and no risk tournaments the prizes on offer will also be free entries into the major and high paying slot tournaments!



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