Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Seed Values?

Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Seed Values?

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May 15, 2017

You may be wondering how it is some slot machines that offer one or more progressive jackpots always seem to have much higher valued jackpots on offer.

The answer to this is that those slot machines often get more play time than other slot machines which results in their respective jackpots becoming so large in value, however it is also due to the fast that they have much higher seed values too.

Whenever a progressive jackpot is won and paid out, the slot machine that has such a jackpot is then going to reset its jackpot to something known as a seed value, and that is the value at which it will start to grow in value from.

Most slot machines will not reset their jackpots to zero, instead they will have a set in stone seed value at which the jackpot will be reset when won, and it will be dependent on just which slot you are playing as to whether that jackpot is going to be a high valued one or a fairly small valued one, and below we shall be taking a look at which slots have high seed values!

Multi-Currency Progressive Slot Seed Values

One important aspect about playing slot machines that are available as multi-currency slots is that the seed value will be in just one currency and as such if you are playing for example Microgaming slot machines those slots have jackpots which use GBP as their respective seed values.

As such if a player is playing one of their progressive slot machines in any other currency other than GBP when the jackpot is won and the slot then resets is jackpot to its seed value, the difference in regards to the currency exchange rate of the currency the jackpot was won in and GBP is then also added to the jackpot.

So often that is why when you notice a Microgaming progressive slot machine has just paid out its jackpot the seed value is much higher in value that its published seed value, unless the player who wins that jackpot is playing in GBP in which case the jackpot will then reset back to the seed value published for that slot machine.

However, be aware that every player no matter in which currency they are playing such a slot will have an equal chance of winning the respective jackpots, as long as they are playing the slot in the required way that the jackpot element of the slot is activated on each spin thy play off!

Slots with the Biggest Seed Values

One slot machine that does offer a huge seed value in regards to its highest valued jackpot is the Mega Moolah slot and all of the other slot machines that make up that series of slots.

When the Mega Jackpot is finally won on that slot machine, which can and does often take some time to be won the jackpot will then reset itself to 1,000,000.00 and will then start to grow in value again as more and more players play that slot.

The Major Millions slot machine is another slot on which a fairly substantial jackpot can be won and when playing that slot machine as soon the jackpot is won it will reset to a value of 250,000.00 in the currency you are playing it for.

Ante slot machine you may like the look of and one that is a progressive slot machine is the Cash Splash slot that particular slot machine has a much more modest seed value in regards to the value at which its jackpot will reset after being won and that value is 5000.00!


It is important for any slot player who is about to start to play any type of slot machine offering one or more progressive jackpots that they first and foremost know how the jackpot on each slot machine is won and paid out.

If you do not play these types of slot machines in the way they have been designed to award their respective jackpots then you will never have any chance of winning those jackpots.

So if you see a slot machine offering a progressive jackpot for example and that jackpot payout can only be won on the highest number pay line then you must always play that slot with all pay lines in live play to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Often also some progressive slot machines may require you to have to put into play the maximum stake amount possible per spin to have the chance of winning the jackpot, and as such please do always read though the rules of any slot machine or their respective pay tables so you know how each jackpot can be won before you start to play!



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