Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Jackpot Hit Frequency

Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Jackpot Hit Frequency

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June 13, 2014

Which Progressive Slots Have the Highest Jackpot Hit Frequency

If you are in the mood to give any of the dozens of different progressive jackpot paying slot games a try online, then you are probably wondering which ones award their jackpots the most often! By playing any progressive slot game that awards its progressive jackpot at much regularly intervals then by playing that slot you will naturally get a better chance of winning what could be a life changing jackpot!

With this in mind below we will showcase to you a range of online progressive slot machines, all of which are renowned for the frequencies at which they award their progressive jackpots, so have a good look through this listing to find an ideal slot to play today!

In the Money with the Cash Splash Slot

The Cash Splash slot machine is available as a three reel type of Classic progressive slot or as a 15 payline video slot, both of these two variants share the same jackpot pool, and when playing either slot online or via the mobile gaming platforms you have the same chance of walking away with its quite large jackpot.

As one of the longest established slot games we have noticed this slot does award its jackpot extremely often, and due to it getting a lot of play time form players all over the world the jackpot pool is constantly growing and it has been known for players to win more than one jackpot in a twenty four hour time period when playing it! So this is certainly a slot game to consider playing!

Hunt for Treasure on the Treasure Nile Slot

We would also like you to consider, playing the Treasure Nile slot game, this is a video slot offering a progressive jackpot, and whilst not won and awarded as often as the Cash Splash slot game above, we have noticed it does payout its progressive jackpot very regularly.

By not having a progressive jackpot that grows in value to the millions of Euros, Pounds or Dollars region that most progressive slots tend to do, this is an ideal slot game to play when you are looking for a fairly large jackpot win but one that is not going to take an absolute age to hit!

One word of advice if you do decide to give this slot game a whirl, and that is to play all nine paylines, for the jackpot paying reel symbols are only going t award the progressive jackpot when and if they line up on payline number nine!

Give the Wow Pot Slot a Whirl!

Another progressive slot game which is always going to give you a very entertaining slot playing session, and one on which you could win a large cash payout is Microgaming’s low cost Wow Pot slot.

This is another slot available at both mobile and online casino sites, and being available as both a three reel slot and a video slot you will have the chance of winning its progressive jackpot no matter which variant you play.

As this slot is also available as mentioned as a mobile and online slot game its jackpot does tend to grow in value rapidly, and that ensures that when one lucky player wins the jackpot it is an amount of cash worth winning!

Playing Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpot Slots

The most regularly won progressive jackpots are those which are awarded to players completely at random. You are going t find dozens of slot games which not only have a randomly awarded progressive jackpot, that can be won by any player, at any minute, irrespective of the stakes they are playing for, but many of these types of slots also boast more than one jackpot on offer!

The major benefit of playing these random jackpot slot games online is that the jackpots, more so the smaller valued ones, are going to be won by players every few minutes. If you play at a very busy online casino you will be amazed at how frequently these progressive jackpot paying slots award those random jackpots.

Real Time Gaming have a large suite of what they call their Real Series slots, these slot all come with a randomly awarded progressive jackpot, and the base games of each slot offers all manner of unique features and each slot on offer has its own unique main bonus game feature round.

Microgaming and Playtech and also NetEnt have their own suite of randomly awarded progressive slot games, so do have a good hunt around our website as we are more than confident you will find the exact type of progressive slot that will appeal to you listed on our slot reviews section of the site!


The odds of you winning a progressive jackpot when you are playing slots online, on a mobile device or in land based casino are of course going to be huge, and as such it is not every day that you will win one.

In fact slot layers can lay slots of years and never be lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot. However, as you are only going to have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you are not only playing a slot that offers one, but also playing it in the way described on the pay table or help files that activates the jackpot meter, then please do make sure you know how you should play any progressive slot to be in with a chance of winning its highest value, every rising jackpot.

If you fail to play a progressive slot in the way required to win the jackpot, then one day you may see the jackpot winning combination spin in on the slot you are playing but miss out on the jackpot as you will not have it in play or activated, and no slot play ever wants that to happen to them!



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