Which Online Blackjack Games have the Most Decks of Cards?

Which Online Blackjack Games have the Most Decks of Cards?

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Updated December 27, 2022

Which Online Blackjack Games have the Most Decks of Cards

There is one thing that many Blackjack players always want to know about the Blackjack game variants on offer to them in addition to the house edges each game will play out to, and that is just how many deck of cards there are in each shoe.

With that in mind and to help you select a Blackjack game variant at a range of different online casino sites we have put this guide together, that will enlighten you on a range of different Blackjack games available at many different casino sites using different suppliers games, and we will also let you know just how many decks of cards are in each shoe.

To help you find a very low house edge Blackjack game we will also be letting you know just which the variants you should be playing.

So make sure that you read on and fully digest all of the information we are about to pass onto you for you really do need to make sure you have always got the maximum chances of winning when playing Blackjack online, and by playing the highlighted Blackjack game variant below that is something you will always be doing!

NetEnt Online Blackjack Games

Many players love the way in which all NetEnt designed casino games load into any web browser via an instant play gaming platform, for when you do sign up to and play at any casino site offering the NetEnt range of games no time will very be wasted downloading any software!

Both the NetEnt designed and supplied Standard and Pro Blackjack games will play out with perfect strategy with a house edge of a very manageable 0.40% and another thing that both of those variants share is the same number of decks of cards in the should that being four decks of playing cards each.

Whilst the NetEnt Pontoon is not technically a Blackjack game what you will find if you decide to give is some play time online is that the house edge works out at 0.41% with optimal play and that there are six full decks of playing cards in the shoe too!

It is not going to surprise you that the NetEnt Single Deck Blackjack game has just one single deck of playing cards in its shoe and when you set about playing at variant you will find with perfect an optimal play you will be able to get the house edge down to a very manageable and very low 0.48%.

One additional game from NetEnt that you may be attracted to playing is the NetEnt Double Exposure Blackjack game variant however that game has a much higher house edge even when played optimally working out at 0.73% and there are also six full decks of playing cards in the shoe of that game too.

Decks of Cards in Microgaming Blackjack games

For access to the biggest range of online Blackjack game variant you will be best advised to sign up to a Microgaming powered casino set for by doing so you will have lots of different variants on offer some offering a single hand playing format and structure and some that will allow you to play multiple ands all at the same time.

Below we will give you an insight into just some of their variants in regards to the house edge those games will return with optimal play and also we will reveal just how many decks of cards are in the shoe of each games too.

The Microgaming Classic Blackjack game really should be the only game you play regularly for that game has just one deck of playing cards in its show and the house edge is very low working out with perfect play at 0.13%!

You may also enjoy playing the Microgaming Vegas Strip Blackjack game, just be aware if you do so that the house edge with perfect playing on that variant is higher than the game above working out at some 0.35% and there are four decks of cards in the shoe too

Another Vegas themed Blackjack game variant on offer is the Microgaming designed and supplied Vegas Single Deck which comes with a house edge that can be as low as just 0.35% and that variant also has just one deck in its shoe like the Classic Blackjack game mentioned above!

One additional Blackjack game that we do know many players are attracted to playing is the Microgaming Atlantic City Blackjack game which can see players getting a house edge as low as just 0.36% with perfect play and this variant has a high number of cards in the shoe that being eight of them in total!


Before you start playing Blackjack game online for real money it is always going to pay dividends for you to ensure you know how to play each game optimally and with the very best strategy in place.

You are always going to find comps will be on offer to you based on your level of play at each of our featured casinos and also some o them offer Blackjack players a range of bonuses and promotional offers too!



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