Which Company Launches the Most New Casino Games?

Which Company Launches the Most New Casino Games?

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August 3, 2016

dazzle-me-slot-splashAs online gambling has been around since the early years of the 1990’s, and as many of the companies that launched online casino games in those pioneering years are still growing strong to this day, then you may be wondering just which casino game designers launch the most casino games each year.

Well, it is not only those long established companies that have a steady roll out of brand new and never seen before casino games, for some of the later entrants into the online gaming environment are also famed for the rate at which they launch brand new casino games too.

To help you make sense of it all and to allow you to make a much more informed decision on just which casino site you should be playing at to have access to the most up to date and brand spanking new games as is possible we have compiled the following article.

Below we will be giving you the names of some companies which supply the casino games to many online casinos and will be giving you an overview of what types of new games and how regularly they launch those games too.

New Slot Game Designers

You will be best off selecting an online casino site to play at that offers games via an instant play gaming platform if you are looking to play the most brand new slot games online, for many of those casino sites have games from several different companies on offer.

That does of course mean the variety of brand new slot games you will have access to at such a casino site will be much higher in number than when you play at a casino site that is limited to one suppliers selection of games.

Lookout for casinos offering the NetEnt slot games too, for we have noticed over the last few years that every single new slot game they have launched and made available will be offering you a completely unique type of playing structure and format as opposed to simply being slots that are a cloned copy of their previously launched slot games.

Playtech are also a company that is famed for some very exciting and highly entertaining brand new slot games and they often do launch several of them all at the same time, so consider giving some of their slot games a whirl sooner rather than later too!

Companies Launching the Most Card and Table Games

If you would rather get stuck into playing casino card games and table games and are actively seeking out a gaming platform and casino site that tends to have a very wide selection of brand new card and tables games then it will be beneficial for you to play at a Microgaming software powered online casino site.

Microgaming have, over the years launched some of the most unique and exciting to play brand new card and table games that are suitable for all levels of players as they come with fully configurable staking and chip option settings.

Look out in particular for their brand new selection of casino poker card games for when playing those games there are often lots of additional bonus winning payouts that could be awarded to you when playing them if you are dealt out certain winning hand combinations.

Also Microgaming do have lots of different Roulette game variants on offer too, so if you enjoy playing Roulette games you really are going to be spoilt for choice when you choose to play at a casino site offering Microgaming's instant play or fully downloadable gaming platform!


Please do consider playing some of the many brand new casino games you see being made available to you regularly at any of our featured online casino sites, for each of those new games will be offering you all manner of features and winning payouts what you could trigger and win.

However, much like when you play some of the older and more established casino games one thing you should be making a note of is the payout percentages and house edges that each new game has on offer.

Avoid playing a new casino game if the RTP is low or those new games have a high house edge, for no matter how nice looking those casino games are you are going to have a much reduced chance of winning if their long term payout percentages are low or those new game house edges are set very high.

Both the house edge and/or the payout percentage of all casino games can be found on the website of the casino site you are playing at or on the pay tables or help files of each individual game, so make sure you look that information up!



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