Which Casinos Offer the Highest Baccarat Tied Hand Payout?

Which Casinos Offer the Highest Baccarat Tied Hand Payout?

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December 11, 2016

high-limit-baccaratThere are three available betting opportunities available you if you decide to play Baccarat games, you can place a bet on the Bankers Hand to be the winning one on any game you play or you can place a bet on the Players Hand to be the winning hand, and the third betting opportunity is the Tied Hand bet.

The one thing to note about playing Baccarat is that the Players Hand and Bankers Hand Bet have the same winning payouts attached and associated with them no matter where you choose to play those game online, however the Tied Hand Bet can and will have a different set of payout associated with it depending on where you play them.

If you are the type of player who wants to place the Tied Hand bet then you should stick to playing at casinos that offer the highest payout odds, and with that in mind we would suggest you sign up and play Baccarat at casinos using the NetEnt, Playtech of Microgaming software gaming platforms and their range of casino games, as the payout odds for the Tied Hand at those casino sites is 9 for 1 or 8 to 1 as they are often displayed!

What Baccarat Hands Require a Commission?

If you are not that well versed at playing Baccarat then it is a very simple to play casino card game that is one that require no skill what so ever, and as such every single player will soon be able to learn how to play it and will never make any strategic playing errors!

There are a couple of things worth knowing however in regards to playing Baccarat and the first thing is that even though the payouts for the Tied Hand bet may be very high in value if the game does end in a tie, the house edges on those types of bets are huge and as such you should never place them!

Instead you will be much better off placing either the players Hand to Bankers Hand bets, as those have a much lower house edge associated with them. One thing to note is that if you do place a bet on the Bankers Hand and that hand wins then you are required to pay a 5% house commission on your winnings, a winning Players Hand bet has no commission to be paid by the way!

Baccarat Payout Odds

As you have just found out the best winning payouts for a Tied Hand when playing Baccarat is 8 to 1, however as that bet has such a huge house edge attached to it you should never be tempted to place it for if you do so that huge house edge will eat away at our bankroll very quickly!

If you place a Bankers Hand bet and that hand wins then you are paid out at winning odds of even money. However, you will have that 5% house commission removed from your winnings before they are aid out to you and added to your casino account balance.

The third bet you can place is the Players Hand bet and the winning payout odds for that bet are also even money and unlike the Bankers Hand bet you are not required to pay a house commission on winning Players Hand bets so you will be paid out in full.

The stake levels you can play Baccarat online for can vary from casino site to casino site with the usual minimum table stake limit at most casino sites being a quite modest 1.00 the maximum bet can however vary from casino to casino.


There are three main categories of casino games that are famed for having the very lowest house edges when played optimally and those casino games are Video Poker games, Blackjack games and Baccarat, and as such if you do like what you have just read then you will certainly have plenty of winning opportunities if you do start playing Baccarat online.

However, forget about placing the Tied Hand bet as that is the only betting opportunity that has a massive house edge attached and associated with it on Baccarat games.

You will also find that when playing Baccarat online for real money at our listed and approved online casino sites you will be earning comp points based on your level of play and when you save up enough comp points you can then exchange them for additional playing credits.

So you will certainly find that you do get a lot of additional playing value hen playing real money Baccarat games at any of our featured casino sites, for due to the very low house edge of the Players and Bankers Hand bets you can often accumulate a huge number of bonus credits thanks to those comp points!




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