Which Casino Poker Games Have the Lowest House Edge?

Which Casino Poker Games Have the Lowest House Edge?

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Updated January 11, 2023

Which Casino Poker Games Have the Lowest House Edge

There are lots of different casino poker card games that you will be able to play at various online casino sites, and the main attraction for players of those games is that they have been structured in such a way that some very large payouts can be achieved when you have been dealt out certain hand combinations.

However, one thing that you will need to know before you start playing any of them is just how high or how low their respective house edges are, as the best card games to play of any description and any category are going to be those that offer a low house edge and the best set of payouts.

With that in mind below you will find two of the very best casino poker games you can play online by virtue of their respective house edges. Whilst some casino poker card games will require you to place an additional side bet wager to qualify for some of the bonus payouts there are some of those games which do not require a side bet, so read on and decide for yourself just which game appeals to you the most.

Playing 3 Card Poker Games Online

If you play any Three Card Poker games you have several different ways that you can play off each individual game. You can opt to place the Ante Bet or you can place the Pairs Plus Bet and you will also be given the option of placing both of those two bets in the same game!

However, the house edge is quite different on each of the wagers you can place as is the potential payouts that you can be awarded with if you either beat the Dealers three card hand which is required on the Ante Bet or if you are dealt out a certain hand combination which is what you are faced with having to do to receive a winning payout on the Pairs Plus Bet.

The lowest house edge offered on any Three Card Poker game is on the Ante Bet, and as such that should be the only bet you place when playing that casino poker card game. As the payouts do differ ever so slightly at different casino sites based on which software and gaming platform each casino site is using you should always be aware of the different house edges each game will play and pay to.

The Microgaming Three Card Poker game for example has a much lower house edge on the Ante Bet than the variant offered at Real Time Gaming powered casinos!

Best Let It Ride Poker Game

There is also a range of Let It Ride Poker games offered at various different casino sites and when you play this game you will first have to place an initial bet and then you will be dealt out three cards, you then need to decide whether to raise your bet by placing an additional bet of an equal value to your initial bet or to call the bet for no additional wager.

Once you have decided whether to call or raise your bet you will then be dealt out a fourth card and then you are faced with the same betting decision, and a fifth and final card will then be dealt out to your hand.

The aim of playing this game is to finish each game with any of the pay table listed winning hand combinations to receive the respective cash payout. The Rival Let it Ride Poker game has a much lower house edge than the Microgaming version and as such if you do fancy playing this game online then make sure you play it at a Rival powered casino site as opposed to a Microgaming software powered casino site to benefit from the much lower house edge!


With you always having the choice in regards to where you play any casino games you will be best advised to stick to playing at an online casino site that is not only offering you the type of games you wish to play but also those games that have far and away the very lowest house edges.

Keep in mind that thanks to the addition of things such as bonus credits you can claim as either a new player or as a regular player at many casino sites and as you will also be earning comp points when playing for real money the already low house edges will be improved further thanks to those bonuses and comps you can claim and earn.

If you want to sample playing any other casino poker card game then each of our top rated casinos will allow you to do so at no risk and for free!



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