Which Casino Games Have an Auto Play Setting?

Which Casino Games Have an Auto Play Setting?

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February 6, 2018

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There are plenty of additional option settings that you can make use of when playing casino games online. One of which is an auto play setting. By setting any casino game to play via the auto play setting you can then sit back and watch each game play off with no effort or further input required from you.

If you have never made use of that setting before then you may be wondering just which games can be set in such a way, and the simple answer is that every single casino game can be configured to play themselves automatically.

But when you do so and the games require additional input from a player once they have been sent into live play, such as when playing Blackjack, the auto play setting will have a built program that is going to ensures when it plays off your hand and makes your ongoing betting and playing decisions, it will use the perfect strategy for the variant of Blackjack you are playing.

The same will also happen when playing video poker games, and as such when the initial deal has been made the auto play setting will then use the perfect strategy for that variant and then hold the best cards from that initial hand as per the best strategy possible for that game.

Best Way to Configure Auto Play

What you need to do before you simply click on an auto play button, is to take a good long look at all of the available built in option settings, for by doing so you are going to be able to configure your gaming session in a way you will enjoy.

The stakes you play for are of course one thing you will be able to configure when using auto play, but you can also set it to stop automatically before your preset number of spins have played off if you win a jackpot, or if your balance increases or even decreases by a certain amount.

One thing you may want to do if you intend to set a slot machine to pay using the auto play setting is to configure the auto play to stop automatically when a bonus game has been triggered.

By doing so you will then be able to return to the slot if you have been doing something else and then watch the bonus game playing off, which let’s face it is probably the most exciting part of any slot machine!

When to Use Auto Play

There are many times when you may get the urge to set any type of casino game to play itself by using the auto play setting, but many players will opt to use that feature when they have claimed a very large deposit match type of bonus.

All bonuses these days come with a play through requirement, which will see you having to play through your bonus credits often a huge number of times before those bonus credits and any additional winnings you achieve get turned into real money credits that you can cash out.

By selecting a game to play with your bonus credits and then using the auto play setting, you can then leave that game to play its self automatically and churn through your play through requirement whilst you wander off and do something else!

Obviously you will be hoping to turn your bonus credits into real money credits, but one additional advantage of using the auto play to help you try and achieve you play through requirement is that you can easily keep track of just how much you have played through.


Playing any type of casino game is going to be exciting, and as such you may not actually want to set them to play using the auto play setting, but if you do then there are plenty of casino sites that have such an option setting available.

A quick word of warning though in regards to using bonuses in conjunction with the auto play option setting, I have recently seen a few casinos adding a term into the terms and conditions that are attached to their bonuses that state players cannot use auto play when playing off their bonus credits.

I am not sure at all of the logic behind those casinos opting to insert that term into their bonus play rules, however as some casinos now do so make sure that if you have any intention if using the auto play option whilst playing with bonus credits that you are permitted to do so.

Many casinos will void the winnings of players who do fall foul of any of their bonus play terms and conditions, no matter how bizarre those T’s and C’s are, so check and then double check!



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