Which Card Games Should a First Time Player Play?

Which Card Games Should a First Time Player Play?

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Updated November 2, 2022

Which Card Games Should a First Time Player Play

If you have very little experience of playing casino card games, but you fancy signing up to and playing at an online casino site, then you are going to be faced with a huge range of different games to play, and you may be wondering just which one is going to be best suited to you personally.

It is of course up to you and you alone just which games you do end up playing, but you will probably be looking for those that are very easy to play and do not involve any element of skill for you will not have yet ,mastered playing such games.

As such in this casino card game playing guide I am going to be introducing you to a couple of casino car games that you are going to find extremely easy to play and games that you are going to be able to play for any stake level you like too.

As such please do read on for if you are seriously thinking of playing at an online casino site you are going to find both of the following casino card games very appealing and very easy to play too!

Playing Baccarat Games Online

One casino card game that you are never going to find complicated to pay is the game of Baccarat, if you fancy playing that game online then you will find all of our featured casinos have it on offer and it is both a low stake game and a high stake game too.

You are going to first have to make a decision when playing Baccarat and that is just which of the two hands that are going to be dealt out is the one you think is going to have a set of cards that add up to as close a total of nine as is possible.

The first hand is known as the Bankers hand which if you pick that hand and it does have the highest value without going over 9 in total then you are paid out at odds of even money less a 5% house commission.

The other hand you can bet on is the Players hand and if that is the winning hand you are paid out at odds of even money but with no house commission to pay. There is also a tied hand bet but the house edge on that hand and bet is so high it is not worth placing!

Play Video Poker Games Online

Another type of casino card game that I think you will enjoy playing are known as video poker games and there are many different variants on offer, however they all have a very similar type of playing structure and format.

When playing video poker games you have to first choose a coin value at which to play them for and have to decide whether you want to gamble one, to five coins on each hand you play off, it is often best you play five coin hands as there may be an enhanced jackpot payout when you do so.

Once you have chosen your bet amount by clicking onto the deal button five playing cards will then be dealt out to you and you have to decide whether to hold any of those cards or not in the hope that you will form a winning hand combination from any of those listed on the pay table.

As soon as you have chosen to hold any of those first five playing cards dealt out to you or not then you will need to click on the deal button one more time and any card not held are replaced with new ones from the deck.


Whether you do decide to play any of the card games that I have just introduced to you or not is up to you of course, however do keep in mind that if they do not appeal to you there are going to be plenty of other card games available to you no matter at which casino site you choose to play at!

You are also best advised to consider playing for free initially, by making the very wise decision of signing up to and playing at any of or feature and best rated online casino sites you are always going to be able to log into your account and access any casino card or any other game you like the look of for free and at no risk what so ever!

Once you have mastered playing the casino card game you like playing the most for free then you  can easily switch over to play them for real money and will also be able to claim a range of bonuses and earn comps when you do play those card games for real money too!



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