Which Blackjack Games Offer the Best Winning Opportunities?

Which Blackjack Games Offer the Best Winning Opportunities?

Staff Writer
October 11, 2017

Winning opportunities only tend to come to you when playing games such as Blackjack when you are playing perfect strategy and also know just how to play off every single hand that have been dealt out to you.

As Blackjack is a game that has been designed in such a way that each players betting and playing decisions will have an effect on the outcome of the game, it is a game many players love and enjoy playing due to there being a certain element of skill in determining the outcome of most games played off.

What you may be tempted to play if you are a fairly new and inexperienced Blackjack player are Blackjack game variants that offer bonus winning payouts.

You will often be required to place a small valued bonus side bet to then have a chance of winning a range of additional payouts when certain hand combinations have been dealt out to you. However, those side bets come with a much higher house edge than that of the base game.

As such, you will be best advised never to play any type of Blackjack game variant offering side betting opportunities as when placing them you will be up against a much higher house edge than a player who simply places just the base game bet and never places the bonus side bets!

What about Progressive Blackjack Games?

Many online and some mobile casino sites now have a range of what are known as progressive Blackjack games on offer to their players, and obviously when playing those variants you will see a progressive jackpot on offer which can be won at any time by players.

However, it is often the case that when playing those variants of Blackjack that there is only going to be one card combination that needs to be dealt out to players and often also the Dealers hand that will award a progressive jackpot, so the odds on being dealt out that hand will be huge!

As there is often a requirement to have to place a bonus side bet when playing progressive Blackjack game you will find that you are going to often see your bankroll being drained away when placing that side bet option continually.

Not only that but due to the house edge on the side bet being massive and often many times higher than the base game house edge you will be strongly advised never to place that bonus side bet for over the long term it is going to diminish your bankroll each time you place it!

Low House Edge Blackjack Games

As mentioned up above every single Blackjack game variant you all come across will have been designed din such a way that over the long term it will return a certain house edge to the casino.

That is simply a percentage of players stakes that due to the way each Blackjack game has been designed will see the casino winning a certain amount form each bet players stake, and that is of course how the casino makes their profits!

The lower the house edge the lower the amount the casino is expected to win off players, and as such you should always make a point of first finding out just what the house edges are on every single Blackjack game offered to you at any casino sites then make a point of playing only those low house edge games!

Obviously being a completely random game you are not always going to lose when playing Blackjack and can indeed have plenty of high paying winning sessions, but you are much more likely to win more from a low house edge Blackjack game variants than one that has been designed with a high house edge!


As the game of Blackjack does offer players a certain level of skill you should only ever play the variants you do wish to play and enjoy playing when you have fully mastered the game play rules and know how to play off each hand you have been dealt but perfectly.

If you do not play any Blackjack game optimally then the low house edge on offer one each game will be increased by the playing errors and playing mistake you will make when playing in a slightly different any than the bets strategy for that particular variant.

Whilst you could choose to spend hours, days or even months fully learning how to play each and correctly, there is a much simpler way that you will never make any game play errors.

That is by you getting yourself a Blackjack Strategy card for the variant you do fancy getting stuck into playing. When you get such a card you simply need to look up on it the Dealers facing upwards card and the hand you currently have.

By doing so you will then see just what playing or betting decision you have to make to then play off that particular hand perfectly.



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