When Should I Surrender a Hand Playing Blackjack?

When Should I Surrender a Hand Playing Blackjack?

Staff Writer
March 13, 2017

In the following guide we are going to be looking at a couple of different online Blackjack games that you can play at several of our different online casino sites that offer you a playing move known as a surrender.

When you play the following variants if you do not like the value of your hand then you can give your hand up and remove it from that current game and by doing so you will then get half of your stake money returned to you.

However, what you do need to know is that there are only going to be a small number of times when playing Blackjack that you should surrender your hand, if you surrender your hand at the wrong time then you are going to increase the house edge on that session you are playing which means your chance of winning will decrease!

With that in mind please do read on and then feel free to test out any of the Blackjack games mentioned below, you can of course test them out for free if you want to get used to playing them online!

Atlantic City Blackjack

Let us start off by letting you know when are the only times that you should surrender your hand when playing the Atlantic City Blackjack game variant.

You will find this Blackjack game on offer at many different casino sites and it is a fairly straight forward game to play and understand, so you are not going to get confused with any aspect of playing it!

If you have been dealt out a hand that is worth 16 in value then you should always surrender that hand if the Dealer is showing by his or her up card a 9, 10 or an Ace card. Also if your hand is worth 15 then you should surrender that hand when the Dealers up facing card is a 10 valued card.

Those are the only times when playing Atlantic City Blackjack that you should surrender your hand, so make sure that if you do decide to play this variant online that you stick to those playing moves when playing it, as mentioned above if you do make the mistake of surrendering your hand at the wrong time then the house edge you are up against is going to increase in value!

Big Five Blackjack

Another Blackjack game you may come across and fancy playing online that does give players the option of surrendering their hand in exchange for getting half of their stake money back is the Big Five Blackjack game variant.

When playing that game you will find you can fully alter and adjust the chip values and therefore the stakes you are playing for so it can be a low stake or high stake game that you will enjoy playing and it does offer quite a reasonable house edge.

However, please do be aware that much like the variant mentioned above there are only a very small number of times when you should surrender your hand and as such we shall now take a look at when you should surrender your hand.

If your hand is worth a 16 and the Dealer is showing via his or her up card a 9 or 10 valued card then you should surrender your hand there and then, if your hand is worth 15 or 14 and the Dealers up facing card is a 10 then those are the only two other times that you should surrender your hand!


What you will be best off doing if you are interested in playing Blackjack at an online casino is to first make sure you know which Blackjack games offer the lowest possible house edge when they are played optimally.

Once you know which games those are then simply get hold of a Blackjack Strategy Card, you will find you can download them from many websites and by getting hold of one for the variant you are playing and then by following the instructions printed on that card in regards to how to play off your hand when faced with any Dealers up card you are never going to make any playing errors.

That will ensure that over the long term you will get the house edge down to a low amount as possible and that in turn will see you getting more of your stake money returned to you as winning payouts.

It may also be worth while playing in the free play demo mode version of the Blackjack game you want to play initially so that you can fully master playing a large number of dealt out hands, so consider doing so as each of our featured casinos will let you play their games for free and at no risk!



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