When Should I Double Down Playing Blackjack

When Should I Double Down Playing Blackjack

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Updated August 3, 2022

When to Double Down in Online Blackjack

You are going to have to learn to play blackjack in the best possible way if you choose to start playing online and for real money, and one thing that is very important for you to know is that there are dozens of different blackjack game variants available at all casino sites listed throughout this website.

Therefore we have put together a very large number of individual blackjack playing guides that we invite you to check out, as those guides will introduce you to the many different variants which can be accessed and played online.

The one thing that any experienced blackjack player will be seeking from any online casino site they choose to play at is a variant which comes with a low house edge. The house edge is the amount of cash that a casino is theoretically expecting to win from their players over their long term play.

The house edge of any blackjack game is going to be determined by quite a number of different factors which can include the number of decks in a blackjack games shoe, the payouts attached to any blackjack game variant and of course both the player and dealer game play rules.

So please look through our blackjack game guides and then select a variant to play which does offer the very lowest of house edges as those games should always be the ones to play!

In this particular blackjack strategy guide we are going to be letting you know when is the best time to double down your hand, if you are ensure what that means then read on for we will enlighten you as to how this quiet strategic blackjack game playing rules works and how you can put it into play when playing many different variants of blackjack online as a real money player.

What is a Double Down?

A double down is a betting decision that you will be offered when playing quite a lot of different blackjack game variants, this move will allow you to be dealt out one additional card when your initial two card hand is of a certain value.

Some blackjack game variants allow you to double down your initial two card hand no matter what its value whilst some variants will let you double down only when your initial hand is worth a 9, 10 or 11 in value.

You will however have to buy that additional card and you will be required to pay the same amount top that one extra card as you had wagered on your initial hand.

When to Double Down your Hand

If you take our advice and look round and compare the house edges attached to as many different online blackjack games as you possibly can then you will discover that one of the very lowest blackjack game house edges is attached to the single hand classic blackjack game found in the gaming suite of Microgaming software powered online casino sites.

Therefore with that fact in mind we shall now enlighten you as to when the very best time will be for you to double down your hand when playing that particular blackjack game online.

If you initial hand is worth an eleven in total then you are permitted to double down that hand however you should only do so when the dealer is showing a 2 to 9 value hand and not anything higher than that.

Also if the dealer is showing a 2 to 9 valued card and you have a ten as your first two cards total then that is the best time to double down those hands. If you initial two cards hand is worth a 9 in total then double down those hands only if the dealer is showing a card worth from 2 to 6 in value.

The only other types of initial two card hand that you should double down is a pair of fives but you should only double down those types of hands if the dealer by virtue of their up facing card is showing a 2 to 9 valued hand.


One way that anyone who is unsure of the exact right time that they should double down their hand in when playing blackjack is to track down and download a perfect blackjack strategy card for the variant they are playing.

When you get one of those card its will show you the correct betting or playing decision to make based on what two initial card you have been dealt out based on the one single card that the dealer is showing by their up facing card.

Making a double down playing move at the wrong time will cost your dearly as that will see the house edge of the game you are playing increasing!



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