When is the Best Time to Redeem Comp Points?

When is the Best Time to Redeem Comp Points?

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Updated March 28, 2023

When is the Best Time to Redeem Comp Points

A Casino Comp Club is simply a way that a casino will reward you for the volume of wagers you place on any of their available real money casino games. The more you wager the more points you will earn and then you can exchange your accumulated comp points for playing credits.

There are a few thing you will need to know in regards to any casinos comp club, the first of which is that not all casinos award the same number of points for every Dollar, Euro or Pound you wager and the actual redemption values for swapping your points for playing credits can also vary from casino site to casino site too!

In fact, many comp clubs have something known as a multi-tiered casino comp or loyalty club and as such f you do concentrate all of your gambling efforts at just one casino site if you rise through the tiers of that sites comp or loyalty club you will get more points per wager you place and will also benefit from lower redemption rates too.

One question we are often asked by real money casino game players is when the best time to cash in your comp points is and below we will enlighten you as to when you should do just that!

Using Comped Credits for a Single Gaming Session

What you could do if you tend to play at just one single online or mobile casino site is to save up all of your comp points, and then redeem them when you have a large number of them available in fact that is what quite a number of savvy players will do.

The main benefit of doing so is that if you have accumulated a lot of comp points you can then use those playing credits for one single gaming session without you having to make a deposit into your casino account.

Just keep in mind however that if your comp points come with any type of play through requirements then you are always going to have to adhere to the terms and conditions associated with the casino site you are playing at to hopefully get your comped playing credits turned into real money credits.

However, that is certainly one way that you can use your comp points, which will come in handy if you do not have the funds available to make a fresh deposit into your casino account but have the urge to play!

Cashing in Your Comps as Your Play

Some players never like to leave any comp points in their casino account after they have played off their cash credits and as such as soon as they have exhausted their real money credits they will then redeem and exchange all of their comp points in their loyalty club account for playing credits.

Just one word of caution if that is something you want to do, and that is never redeem your comp points when you have any real money playing credits in your account!

If you do so then you will often find you cannot cash out those real money playing credits until you have achieved the play through requirements attached to your comped playing bonus credits.

What you will find however that as opposed to claiming a casino bonus, when you do exchange your comp or loyalty points for playing credits, the play through requirements on those bonus credits are usually very low, so you will not be faced with having to play them through dozens of times before they get turned into real money credits, but always check the terms and conditions so you know what is required of you when playing with comped bonus credits!


As there are going to be quite a number of differences in regards to the actual comp and loyalty clubs available to you at each of the many thousands of different casino sites at which you can play at as a real money player, please do pick out the casino sites you play at wisely.

To help you make your own informed decisions on just which casino sites are going to handsomely reward you for all of your real money gaming action we have lots of individual online and mobile casino site reviews located throughout our website.

With that in mind we would suggest you set aside a little bit of time and make use and read through each of those reviews for by doing so you will find out just what each one of those casino sites are going to be offering you via their respective comp clubs.

Plus, you will also find each of those casino sites have some very generous bonuses up for grabs too, not only for new players but for their regularly and most loyal players too!




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