When are New Casino Games Launched?

When are New Casino Games Launched?

Staff Writer
August 5, 2016

cosmic-fortune-slotYou will often find yourself being drawn towards playing some of the very latest brand new casino games that you see in the games menu of any online casino site you chose to play at, and there are always going to be plenty of new casino games going live too.

This article is going to be taking a look at a range of different online casino game designers and we will be letting you know how often those companies launch their range of new slot games however we will also be letting you know the actual category of casino game each company is famed for designing new models of.

One thing that you should always do however before you set about playing any new online casino game you have never played before is to read through the rules and the pay table or payout schedule attached to any new game.

By doing so you will then find out how it is those games have been designed and how much you will need to wager to have the chance of winning any of the winning payouts associated with those games, so make sure you do always locate and digest that information before you get stuck into playing new casino games.

New Online Slot Game Designers

There are always going to be new slot games on offer to you no matter at which casino site you decide to play at as all slot and casino game designers will be rolling out a range of brand new slots throughout the year.

However, you will find that if you play at any mobile or online casino site that has on offer Microgaming suite of casino games those casinos do tend to have two, three or even four brand new slot game being launched and made available to players each month that have been designed by Microgaming.

There will be some highly entertaining playing structures and format and plenty of unique bonus games and bonus features on each of those new slot machines, so make sure you do sign up to one such casino site and then each month give some or even all of those new slot games some play time!

Other casino game designers who do tend to launch a steady stream of highly playable new slots include both NetEnt and Playtech, so be on the lookout for their most recent slot game releases too as they will be all offering you something different!

New Video Poker and Card and Table Games

There are never going to be as many brand new video poker, card or table games launched online as it is often the brand new slot machines that tend to get players excited the most so there are always going to be more new slot games than any other category of casino games launched.

However Microgaming once again are the casino game designer that are famed for the sheer number of new games other than slot machines they launch throughout the year and over the years they have designed and made available some of the most unique table games, video poker games and card games too.

What Microgaming do tend to do is to also supply a range of multi-player and multi-hand casino games to casino sites using their gaming platforms and as such if you ever do fancy checking out and playing those additional types of new games then head on over to any of our featured Microgaming casino sites.

In fact, now would able a good time to do just that as each casino we have listed upon our website has a generous sign up welcome bonus on offer and those bonuses are available to all new real money depositing players!


To help you find a range of different casino sites at which to play at we have put together lots of individual online and mobile casino site reviews dotted around this website that we cordially invite you to make use of and read through.

There are going to be lots of different casino games offered at each of those reviewed online casinos and our reviews will not only let you know what games and which gaming platform are available at each of those sites but we will also be introducing you to some exclusive new player sign up bonuses too.

So if you want to play at casino sites offering lots of new casino game but also want to have a much increased starting bankroll to play as many of those new casino games as is possible then make sure you do sign up to some of our featured and showcased casinos sites, and then make sure you additionally claim their new player sign up welcome bonus offers too as that will then see your deposit being boosted in value!



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